RBMA Committees and Volunteers

For many, volunteering for RBMA is a way to give back to an organization that was instrumental in building one’s career and achieving personal growth. Make it personal! Give back and be an integral part of a team that depends on member volunteers to guide and propel the organization. Volunteers are the pulse of the association, providing time and talent that is mutually beneficial.  

For committee service, we will issue a Call for Volunteers in late 2023 for the 2024-2025 association year, which begins following our annual meeting PaRADigm.  Other ways to volunteer include authoring articles for the RBMA Bulletin, speaking at an upcoming meeting, or serving as a Conference Concierge .  You can also sign up for a micro-volunteering opportunity! If you'd like to volunteer but you're not sure how, contact us at volunteer@rbma.org

Advanced Education Subcommittee

Focused on identifying advanced learning content and opportunities.
Barbara Perez Deppman, RDMS, MSM, FACHE, FR, Co-Chair
Jennifer Studdard, RCC CPC, CPCO, CCS-P, Co-Chair

Meghan Pavelka, M.Ed, Staff Liaison
Bryan Hill
Beth Kujawski, R.C.C
Jessica Montgomery, RT, MBA
Nicole Jones-Gerbino
Nicole Palmer, CPA, FRBMA
Stacy Sanso, FRBMA
Shannon Wilson, FRBMA

Chapter Committee

Composed of RBMA's Chapter President's, this committee serves as a liaison between the Chapters and RBMA National. 
Kimberly Singletary, FRBMA, Chair
Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Tony Carozza, Arkansas
Keith Chew, MHA, CMPE, FRBMA, Big River
Shannon Wilson, FRBMA, California
Tanya Padilla, Colorado
Michelle Venable, Delta States
Lisa Adams, MBA, Florida
Marc LeBrun, Georgia
Carol Hamilton, MBA, FRBMA, FACMPE, SHR, Heartland
Jennifer Coleman, MHSA, FACHE, CMM, Michigan
Kara Connor, Mid-Atlantic 
Christie James, FRBMA, New England
Matt Ostrum, Northeast
Pete Moffat, Ohio
Jo Giancotti, Oklahoma
Kris Harvey, Oregon
Vacant, Rocky Mountain
Michael Langenberg, CPA, FRBMA, Tennessee
Vanessa Kim, Texas
Chris Coates, Washington

Data Committee

Develops an information database about the radiology business management profession, through the use of surveys. The focus of the committee is to provide information for utilization, outcome measurement, productivity and financial management purposes.
Anthony Werner, MBA, Co-Chair
Terry Corgan, Co-Chair
 Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Justin Evans , MA, Staff Liaison
Lisa Adams, MBA
Kristine Bartels
Sandy Coffta
Clark Davis, MBA, FRBMA
Jamie Dyer, MBA
Scott Fortson
Sharon Iverson
Clarissa King-Houseal
Douglas Kraus, CPA
Janene Markuske
Jeff Maze
Kelly Spilios
Maureen Whitney
Beth Williams, MHA, FACMPE, FRBMA
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Charged with conducting a comprehensive analysis of our current state, gathering both quantitative and qualitative data and identifying our biggest opportunity areas to enact change, to ensure DEI is embedded in all that RBMA does.
Janene Markuske - Co-Chair
Tanya Moseley - Co-Chair
Liz Mugo, Staff Liaison
Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Allisar Charara
Bethany Geiger
Hope Ghelberg, MBA
Michael Gonzales, FRBMA
Sean Hammerle
Shay Kelly
Michael McGovern
Tanya Moseley
Ed Renouard
Stacy Sanso, FRBMA
Will Scott
Kim Smiley, CPC, RCC

Federal Affairs Committee

Monitors and educates members about, identifies issues and prepares positions, and communicates positions to internal and external audiences, pertaining to: (1) regulatory developments and (2) federal legislation affecting Medicare and other appropriate health care matters of interest to RBMA members.
Thomas Greeson, JD, FRBMA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Christopher "Kit" Crancer
Bryan Hill
Mark Isenberg
Stephen Johnson, CPA
Sara Nofziger-Drew, CHBME, CPC, CPB, CPPM
Abdelmoshen Radwan Hussein
David Smith, FACMPE
Theresa Solari,
Julie Szeker, JD
Suzanne Taylor, FRBMA
Zachary Brunnert, EX-Officio 

Fellowship Selection Committee

Reviews and selects recipients of RBMA Fellowship.
Shannon Wilson, FRBMA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
David Howard, MBA, FRBMA
Michael Langenberg, CPA, FRBMA
Stacy Sanso, FRBMA
Kim Singletary, FRBMA



Finance Committee

Oversees the financial and operational matters having to do with finances and appropriate expenses of the RBMA in consultation with the Board of Directors.
Steve Khan, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Mark Canada, MHA
Joshua Dorsey
Michael Gonzales, FRBMA
David Green, CPA, CHBME
Nicole Lomers
Kirk Rebane, ASA, CFA
Kimberly Singletary, FRBMA 
Linda Wilgus, CPA, CMPE, FRBMA
Lisa Woelfel 

Membership Committee

Expands the RBMA member base and facilitates the renewal of current memberships.
Nicole Lomers, Chair
Justin Evans, MA, Staff Liaison
Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Zachary Brunnert
Tracy Cockerham
Kara Connor
Rebecca Farrington
Hope Ghelberg, MBA
Janet Hoffman
Timothy Kratzke
Danielle LaPresta
David Reeder
Ed Renouard

Nominating Committee

Reviews and recommends candidates for RBMA Board of Directors service.
Pete Moffatt, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Julie Szeker, Director
Kevin McDermott, Director
Mark Kalmar, Past President

Payor Relations Committee

Increases the communication, coordination and cooperation of administrators, managers and radiologists on issues concerning government and private payors.
Erik Rockswold, MHA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Marc Bromberg
Mark Canada, MHA
Chris Coates
Daniel de la Torre
Joshua Dorsey
Donald Elting, CRA
Jeff Fox, MBA
Sue Kahn
Dawn Krueckeberg
Jennifer Mohler, RCC
Valerie Rawicz
Erik Rockswold
Suken Shah
Dale Skrnich
Angie Wardlaw, CPC, CMPE

Program Education Subcommittee

Works with RBMA staff to design, coordinate and implement programming content for in-person events for PaRADigm and SYNC. 
Brenda Bale, Co-Chair
Kathy Edwards, Co-Chair

Meghan Pavelka, M.Ed, Staff Liaison
Michael Brozino
Dennis Chaltraw
Phyllis Fulk
Dianne Keen, FRBMA
Thomas Marshall
Andrea Moran
Melody Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, CPC
Nicole Palmer, CPA, FRBMA
Scott Raley
Sarah Russell
Janinne Walker
Jennifer Yahne

RPAN Task Force

Christopher "Kit" Crancer, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Mark Kalmar, FRBMA
Michael Mabry
Julie Szeker, JD
Linda Wilgus, CPA, CMPE, FRBMA

Strategic Education Advisory Committee

Responsible for the overall strategy and focus of RBMA's educational programming. Oversees the Advanced Education Subcommittee, Program Education Subcommittee and Virtual Education Subcommittee.
Nicole Palmer, CPA, FRBMA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Patricia Hayden, MS, Staff Liaison
Kim Asher, MBA
Mark Canada, MHA
Melody Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, CPC
Schaeffer Smith
Sherelle Washington
Daniel Wassilchalk
Shannon Wilson, FRBMA

Technologist Task Force

Jamie Dyer, MBA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Emilie Albee
Julie Szeker, JD
Meagan White

Vendor Committee

Nurtures a positive working relationship with vendors.
Billy Rowlee, Chair
Liz Mugo, Staff Liaison
Eric Blackman
Tracy Cockerham
Michael Durrant
Mike Forthman
Gary Gerber
Jo Giancotti
Linda Masin
Brook McCarthy
Jim Pender
Cleve Shultz
Joey Timbers
Lindsey Wynn

Virtual Education Subcommittee

Designs, coordinates and implements all online programming including webinars, RBMA U, training products and other digital learning projects
Kim Aluise, Co-Chair
Kimberly Singletary, Co-Chair

Meghan Pavelka, M.Ed, Staff Liaison
Jennifer Bash, RHIA, RCC, CPC
Tiffany Belanger
Dennis Chaltraw
Michael Durrant
Kathy Edwards
W. Barry Kunkle
Sara Nofziger-Drew, CHBME, CPC, CPB, CPPM
Maribeth Perik
Kimberly Singletary, FRBMA
Kim Smiley, CPC, RCC
April White

Young Professionals Subcommittee

Focused on engaging and recruiting a younger generation of radiology business professionals into the RBMA community.
Raquel Roman, Chair
Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Will Sweet, Staff Liaison
Ashley Blacketer
Allisar Charara
Ian Dell
Jamie Dyer, MBA
Ashleigh Green
Briana Houston, MBA
Elyse Koester
Danielle LaPresta
Landi Marriott
Andrew Mims
Matthew Ostrum
Ginna Tucker
Julia Turpin
Lindsey Wynn