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Robert T. Still, FRBMA - $1,968.00

Carol A. Hamilton, MBA,FRBMA,FACMPE,SHR - $1,968.00

Sarah Mountford, CPC, RCC, FRBMA - $1,968.00

Patricia A. Kroken, FACMPE, FRBMA, CRA - $500.00

Mark R. Kalmar, FRBMA - $1,968.00

Delena K. Supinski - $1,968.00

Thomas W. Greeson, JD, FRBMA - $1,968.00

Tim Barrett, CPA-retired, FRBMA - $1,968.00

Walt Blackham - $1,968.00

Michael Langenberg, CPA, FRBMA - $1,968.00

Kirk W. Reinitz - $300.00

Brady D. Giles - $50.00

Adam Harbaugh - $1,968.00

Alicia Vasquez, CRA, FRBMA - $1,968.00

The Dayton Foundation - $5,000.00

Welcome to the RBMA Foundation for Education and Research. 

As we approach our first Anniversary, the objectives of the Foundation ring true and clear. The past six months of the COVID-19 pandemic have augmented the need for focused radiology practice specific data and research. As hurricanes ravage our southern shores and wildfires destroy the west coast, we are equally reminded of the need for emergency aid to RBMA members and their staff.

All online donations made during the month of September will be earmarked specifically for these natural disasters. If you were not affected by these catastrophic events, please consider a donation.

If you were affected by a recent natural disaster, the Foundation has released an application for disaster relief we encourage you to complete.

Thanks to our Founders' Day program, held on Aug. 21, 2020 and a $50,000 challenge donation by Data Media Associates, Inc. we were able to reach our year one goal of raising over $100,000!  I am so grateful to those who have already contributed to the foundation, and specifically the founding members of the 1968 Society. 

With one year under our belts, our work is just beginning.  The founders of the RBMA Foundation for Education and Research have planted an important seed that will be nurtured over the coming years. I hope you will consider supporting the Foundation by sharing our vision and mission and by considering a financial gift so that we can make a difference in our practices and our communities. 

James Hamilton, MHA, CMM, FRBMA