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Welcome to the RBMA Foundation for Education and Research. 

I am privileged to serve as the first president of the inaugural Board of Trustees for the newly formed non-profit entity of the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA).

In 2018, the RBMA Board of Directors met to discuss the strategies and goals of RBMA. It was at that time the idea of a 501 (c)(3) foundation was initiated and unanimously supported.   Over the last year, with the help of RBMA Executive Director, Bob Still and RBMA staff, the creation of a Foundation has become a reality.

Through the foundation, we will work towards supporting education and training programs and providing scholarships to individuals who are striving to further their careers.

We will invest in research to better understand the needs of the business of radiology and develop evidence-based data solutions. We can then use that data to educate business leaders, payors and policymakers.  

As RBMA has done for the past 50 years, the Foundation will be there to help our colleagues, should they suffer a catastrophic event.  

The founders of the RBMA Foundation for Education and Research have planted an important seed that will be nurtured over the coming years. I hope you will consider supporting the Foundation by sharing our vision and mission and by considering a financial gift so that we can make a difference in our practices and our communities. 

James Hamilton, MHA, CMM, FRBMA