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Managing the Plan to Re-Open an Imaging Center Post-COVID-19

Managing the Plan to Re-Open an Imaging Center Post-COVID-19
Presented by Adam Nielsen and Todd Jackson

This webinar is part of the COVID-19: Just In Time Microlearning Series.

The impact of COVID-19 took everyone by surprise. The closure of schools, offices, businesses not just in the United States, its tentacles had a global reach as well. The effect in the radiology community was swift with having to cancel patients, delaying imaging procedures, and waiting anxiously for permission to re-open. Preparing to return to a new normal brings its own operational challenges and stringent requirements as we address the safety of our patients and staff. Hear from these speakers, Adam Nielsen, Chief Development Officer with Center for Diagnostic Imaging, and Todd Jackson, Center Administrator with Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center how they manage in this environment. Here are a couple of questions that kept them on their toes during the pre-planning phase: How do we handle social distancing in our practices? How will these changes impact our operations, and our patients? These speakers will share from their experiences as the process unfolds. 

The recordings of the previous webinars in the series are available for download here
6/3/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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