Objective Analytics for Practice Staffing and Recruiting

Objective Analytics for Practice Staffing and Recruiting
How often do you hear from some of the Radiologists in your practice “That they are working too much, they need help, the practice needs to recruit more docs”? While other Radiologists in your practice are saying ”We have plenty of Radiologists, everyone just needs to work a little harder, we don’t need to hire anyone”? Wouldn’t an objective approach to Radiologist staffing be a true blessing? A means by which the practice could objectively assess its needs for general or subspecialty radiologists to meet overall imaging demand on an annual, monthly, daily or even hour of day basis? The data is available within everyone’s system that can provide the answers.

Objective Analytics for Practice Staffing and Recruiting 

This webinar will provide examples of how your own data can be unlocked to provide the objective insights and support necessary to provide appropriate Radiologist staffing for the demand your practice experiences. Now you will have data to support those Radiologist staffing decisions instead of just a “feeling” that they are appropriate. 

Speaker:  Keith E. Chew, MHA, CMPE, FRBMA

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This installment of the Chapter Webinar Consortium is brought to you by the RBMA Illinois Chapter.
3/16/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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