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Webinar: Incidental Findings-Why Tracking Them is Important

Webinar: Incidental Findings-Why Tracking Them is Important
Speaker: Rich Friedland, MD - Hudson Valley Radiologists

Both the volume and complexity of medical imaging have grown significantly. Practitioners are challenged by test result overload including results containing incidental findings. These incidental findings, while noncritical, are nonetheless actionable. Numerous studies show these incidental, yet actionable findings are not well communicated and tracked. This failure to track in a timely manner can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment, poor patient outcomes, and legal liability. Failure to adequately communicate results is the third largest cause of litigation against radiologists. Best practice test result management requires that all actionable findings are both communicated effectively and then tracked contemporaneously to 'close the loop'.

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5/7/2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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