Accounts Receivable Survey

One of the key benefits of RBMA membership is access to data and information, provided by colleagues, that helps you run your business better. The RBMA Accounts Receivable Performance Survey is a compilation of statistics regarding such key indicators as days charges in A/R, write-off percentages, bad debt recovery and billing/collection costs. Click here to reference the A/R Standard Definitions

The New & Improved 2023 Survey is Now Available for Sale!

2023 Accounts Receivable Survey Augmented (Platform Version) >>

2023 Accounts Receivable Survey Standard (PDF Version) >>

NOTE: If you contributed data to the 2023 A/R survey, you receive the robust platform comparison version complimentary.  If you did not receive instructions on how to review your data, please contact us at

Past Surveys:|

2021 Accounts Receivable Survey >>

2018 Accounts Receivable Survey >>

2017 Accounts Receivable Survey >>

We rely on our members to provide the data used to calculate the A/R indicator statistics. All data are held in complete confidence and results are released only in aggregated form. If you practice participated in the above surveys by sharing data, you should have received a complimentary copy of the survey. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at