Operations Management and Human Resources (May/June 2019)

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President’s Message
Incoming President Sarah Mountford, client services manager for Zotec Partners, looks at the year ahead in the RBMA.
By Sarah Mountford, RCC, CPC, FRBM

What You Think I Said is Not What I Meant…and Other Observations About Email
We have more communication options than ever before, so why is communication listed as an issue in virtually all practices? Effective communications are a challenge managers, employees, and patients face every single day.
By Patricia Kroken, FACMPE, CRA, FRBMA

Clarification of the “Incident to” Rule as it Applies to the Radiologist Assistant and Other Non-Physician Practitioners
In the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Code of Federal Regulations there are nine criteria that must be met in order to qualify for “incident to” billing in the office setting. What does this mean for you?
By Pam Kassing, MPA, RCC

Small Town Strong
Often, the practices having the hardest time recruiting radiologists, radiology techs, and qualified clinical and administrative staff are the practices based in smaller communities, but that just means you must change the way you recruit.
By Lena Kauffman

Internal Pay Equity: When, Why, and How
Knowing when, why, and how to conduct a compensation analysis is an important step for any business.
By Carol Hamilton, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, FACMPE

ROI Alphabet Soup
It’s important to understand your return on investment so you can determine how much to budget for a campaign, and how to spread that spend across various channels.
By Kim Kelley, FRBMA

RBMA Announces Board of Directors and Officers for 2019-2020.

Chapter snapshots and upcoming events.

An RBMA Bulletin interview with Linda Wilgus, executive director at Northwest Radiology Network in Indianapolis, Ind. and president-elect of the RBMA Board of Directors.