Leadership (November/December 2019)

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President’s Message
A look at the board’s annual strategic planning retreat and the future of RBMA.
By Sarah Mountford, RCC, CPC, FRBM

Goal Setting
Most days in the practice and management of radiology are hectic. Unless we set aside specific time to plan and set goals, chances are we will not find ourselves doing it, but it is an important task.
By Kyle Tucker

Leading on Wellness
Evidence grows for practice leaders to do more to address physician and staff burnout.
By Lena Kauffman

Why Private Equity Likes Radiology
While radiology has long been viewed as a leading field for adopting new technologies and practices, it has lagged behind emergency medicine and anesthesia when it comes to private equity activity. But that appears to be changing now.
By Steve Stang

Leaving for Montana
When there are too many bad days, there’s a bridge to burnout. This list might spark some ideas that can be adapted to various lifestyles, personalities, and issues to avoid burnout.
By Patricia Kroken, FACMPE, CRA, FRBMA

Chapter snapshots and upcoming events.

RBMA announces the new RBMA Foundation for Education and Research.

The Transformation of Human Resources in Radiology
Over the past few years there have been two predominant topics in radiology, artificial intelligence (AI) and the corporatization of radiology practices. Both are potential innovative disruptors that are fascinating to follow.

Is Your Website Accessible and ADA Compliant?
When you embark on a newly designed and developed website for your radiology group, you’ll no doubt consider color, imagery, and visual hierarchy, but what are the chances your new website could be considered discriminatory against persons with disabilities?
By Kim Kelley, FRBMA 

An RBMA Bulletin interview with Mark Kalmar, Corvallis Radiology, PC (CRAD) administrator and director-at-large on the RBMA Board of Directors.