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Get ready to be inspired! Join host, Bob Still, RBMA Executive Director, as he shares insightful conversations with various leaders and change makers in radiology and healthcare at large. The WWB podcast aims to enrich listeners with prolific stories that share an intimate and inspiring glimpse into the origin, mindset, strategies and challenges that have guided featured guests on their path to multi-dimensional success.

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A Word With Bob Podcast Episodes

Episode 10 "What is longest word you can type using only the QWERTY row?" with Steve Collins

Published on:  January 19, 2021 

Bob has a word with Steve Collins, Vice President, Client Relationships and Business Development at MSN Healthcare Solutions. Steve recounts his unique life experiences from selling Olivetti typewriters in Scotland, to falling into radiology billing in America. 

Episode 9 "A better patient experience from beginning to end" with Christie James, MS, FRBMA

Published on:  July 24, 2020 

Bob has a word with Christie James, MS, FRBMA, the Sr. Manager of Radiology Revenue Cycle Optimization at Mass General Brigham, and past president of RBMA. Christie takes us on her varied career journey, which took her to many places, including Alaska, Hawaii, California, and Vermont. She also describes ways she promotes patient advocacy at Mass General Brigham. Additionally, she shares how the hospital promotes young professionals and women in the industry. 

Episode 8 "Finding your most pure self" with Cindy Pittmon, RCC, CHBME, FRBMA

Published on: June 12, 2020 

Bob has a word with Cindy Pittmon, RCC, CHBME, FRBMA, the CEO and founder of Acclaim Radiology Management. In this episode, Cindy recounts her journey from growing up in Midlothian, Texas, to becoming a leader in the healthcare industry. She is a past RBMA president, as well as the current president of the Healthcare Business Management Association. She also tells the story of how she was inspired to start her own billing company after attending an RBMA conference in 1993.

Episode 7 "Women are poised to lead" with Linda Wilgus, CPA, CMPE

Published on: May 22, 2020 

Bob has a word with Linda Wilgus, CPA, CMPE, Executive Director and CFO at Northwest Radiology Network. In this episode Linda recounts how Northwest Radiology was able to efficiently and successfully transition their workforce to work from home at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. She also shares her journey from growing up in Indiana, to getting involved with accounting, and then into becoming a leader in health care. 

Episode 6 "A classic American business success story….It started in a garage" with Cleve Shultz

Published on: May 5, 2020 

Bob has a word with Cleve Shultz, president of Data Media Associates (DMA). Cleve recounts his career journey from politics, producing mail pieces, and then ultimately joining DMA. Cleve also shares the story of how long time RBMA member Bob Murphy founded DMA in 1975. 

Episode 5 “1968, A Year of Profound Change” with Tom Greeson, JD, FRBMA

Published on: April 20, 2020 

In this episode, long-time RBMA supporter Tom Greeson, JD, FRBMA; partner at Reed Smith LLP and current RBMA board member, discusses his life growing up in Dalton, Georgia, attending the University of Georgia during the late 1960s, and his journey into law and radiology. This episode is a “must listen” if you are new to the business of radiology, or an incoming radiologist. 

Episode 4 "We Are!" with Rich Whitney

Published on: April 6, 2020 

In this episode, Bob has a word with Rich Whitney. Chairman & CEO at Radiology Partners, Inc., and a fellow Penn State Alumni. Rich explains how he got into health care, and the importance of imaging.  Bob and Rich also discuss whether or not there is a perfect practice size, and how RadParters researches and implements quality measures. 

Episode 3 "#DitchTheDisk" with Geraldine McGinty M.D., MBA, FACR

Published on: March 24, 2020 

In this episode of A Word with Bob, Bob Still has a conversation with Geraldine McGinty M.D., MBA, FACR, Chair of the American College of Radiology Board of Chancellors. Dr. McGinty is a board-certified radiologist specializing in Women’s Imaging. She is Assistant Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College and Assistant Attending Radiologist at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Campus. In this episode, Bob and Dr. McGinty have a focused discussion about radiology, her work mentoring women in medicine and Ireland. This includes topics like the #DitchTheDisk project, which aims to improve image sharing. For more information, click here to read Dr. McGinty's #DitchTheDisk article.

Episode 2 "Servant Leader" With Sam Khashman

Published on: March 9, 2020 

In this episode, Bob has a word with Imagine Software CEO, Sam Khashman. We learn about Sam’s family from Germany, and how Imagine Software helped to lead the software revolution in health care revenue cycle management.

Episode 1 "The Call From Dad" With Sarah Mountford, CPC, RCC, FRBMA
Published on: February 20, 2020

In this premier episode of A Word With Bob, Sarah Mountford, CPC, RCC, FRBMA, reflects on her prolific journey from childhood to her current role as RBMA Board of Directors President and as Vice President, Client Services at Zotec Partners. Sarah and host Bob Still, discuss her introduction into healthcare, work life balance, the state of the industry, and more.

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