Fellow of the RBMA

The RBMA Fellowship program was approved in 2009 to recognize the significant contributions made by RBMA members to the Association and the profession. Fellow of the RBMA (FRBMA) is a prestigious accomplishment to be held in high regard by RBMA and your peers. Accordingly, RBMA has established a high bar for its Fellows. Each Fellow candidate will be judged according to his/her educational accomplishments (achieved and ongoing development), years of RBMA membership, professional service to RBMA, and contributions to the profession.

Congratulations to the 2020 Class of Fellows who will be honored at PaRADigm, August 2-5, 2020:

Tim Barrett, CPA, FRBMA
Dave Gorman, MBA, FRBMA
Beth Williams, MHA, FACMPE, FRBMA

2019 Class of Fellows (from left): Thomas C. Dickerson, Ed.D, FACHE, FRBMA; Nicole Palmer, CPA, FRBMA; Ezequiel Silva, MD, RCC, FRBMA; Lori Shore, CPC, RCC, RCCIR, FRBMA; Shannon Wilson, FRBMA; Mark Kalmar, FRBMA; Michael Langenberg, CPA, FRBMA

Eligibility and Criteria

A member of the RBMA may be eligible for Fellowship status based on selection criteria and demonstrated contributions to the field of radiology business management.

To be considered for Fellowship status in RBMA, the candidate shall have:

  • Ten years of professional experience in radiology or related fields
  • A minimum of five consecutive years of RBMA membership
  • Accumulated at least 50 RBMA continuing education credits over the course of his/her membership in RBMA (documentation required)
  • Demonstrated service to RBMA and the radiology business management profession
  • Submitted a completed and acceptable Call for Fellows Application Form by the deadline (typically late February each year)

The nature of the contributions to radiology business management made by the Fellowship candidate may take many forms, including those examples listed below. This list is not intended to be exclusive or restrictive, but to merely serve as a set of examples. Fellowship applicants accrue points based on their history with RBMA and contributions to the field.

The following specific areas will be reviewed as part of the consideration of awarding Fellowship status:

  • Applicant’s name, employer, address, and contact information
  • Applicant’s Employer type
  • The applicant’s completed Fellowship Points Calculator (please see Application tab for more information)
  • Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae (or resume’)
  • Citations of examples of published articles (if applicable) if not listed in Curriculum Vitae
  • Two professional letters of support. These letters are an important component of the nomination package. Letters that simply state that the writer has known the applicant for many years and is a worthy recipient of this award does not constitute a strong endorsement of the candidate. The letter does not need to be lengthy, but it should document specific accomplishments and contributions to the field.
  • One or two-page essay thoroughly documenting your achievements and contributions to the field of radiology practice management and engagement in professional activities. The essay should explain the candidate’s specific qualifications and include a detailed history and description of his/her major contributions and service to RBMA.

The selection of Fellows will be made by the Fellowship Selection Committee based on the candidate’s application. Candidates will receive written notification on the outcome of their applications at least four weeks in advance of the annual RBMA PaRADigm meeting. Candidates selected for Fellowship will be encouraged to register and attend PaRADigm to receive their awards. Candidates not selected may reapply.

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