Dues & Categories

RBMA offers several membership categories, please read on to find out which category fits you best.
Member Type   Jan to Dec    April to Dec   Jul to Dec   Oct to Dec (of the following year)  
 Active Member  $425   $360  $300  $425
 Faculty Member  $160   $160  $160  $160 
 Recent Grad  $100  $100  $100  $100
 Student  $25  $25  $25  $25
 Retired  $100  n/a  n/a  n/a
 Life  $0  n/a  n/a  n/a
(includes 2 individuals)
 $1,500  $1,250  $1000  $1,500
 Additional Corporate    $425  $360  $300  $425
Effective October 1, 2019

Packages are available in increments of 5 members >>> click for more details!

Keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of the radiology industry means equipping yourself with the latest resources and information. RBMA is the ultimate resource for radiology business management professionals - providing unparalleled access to specialized data and late-breaking legislative changes.

RBMA’s extensive benefits keep you on the forefront of the industry, allowing you to:

  • Never miss a beat with late-breaking legislative and regulatory news alerts
  • Easily exchange ideas and solutions with colleagues across the country on online forums
  • Become an expert with a virtual warehouse of niche information at your fingertips
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Membership Categories 

General Membership

Active membership is available to an individual actively engaged in the business of radiology.

All new members (except specialty members outlined below) join at a flat rate throughout the year.  At renewal time your dues for subsequent years are determined by the number of members within your company.

Specialty Membership

Faculty membership is available for anyone who is considered full-time faculty at an academic institution.  Members must provide proof of full-time faculty status.

Recent Graduate
membership may be granted to an individual who: (1) has completed, within the last 12 months, a residency or internship in radiology; a fellowship in radiology; a medical imaging technology program; a radiology nursing program; a PA/RA Bachelor’s or Master’s program; a master’s degree program with a demonstrated focus or interest in the practice of radiology; an undergraduate degree program with a demonstrated focus or interest in the practice of radiology; AND (2) has never been a member of the Association and does not otherwise qualify for membership in the Association. Recent Graduate membership is available for one year only as an introduction into membership with RBMA. Members must provide proof of completion of qualifying program.

Student membership is available to anyone who has never been a member of RBMA and is in one of the following programs: Radiology interns, Radiology residency, Radiology Assistants, Radiology Practitioner Assistants, Rad tech program, Radiology nursing program, PA/RA Bachelor’s or Master’s program, Physicists, Undergraduate degree programs, or Master’s degree programs.  Student members must reapply each year and include a letter of verification from their academic institution confirming them to be students in good standing.

Life membership is available to any RBMA member in good standing who has retired, completed a retirement affidavit affirming his/her retirement AND has achieved one of the following:
- Designation of Fellow of the RBMA (FRBMA)
- Membership with RBMA for 20 or more total years

Retired membership is available to an RBMA member in good standing who has retired, completed a retirement affidavit affirming his/her retirement and does not meet the Life Member criteria. 

To apply for Life or Retired membership, please contact membership@rbma.org.

Corporate Partner Membership

Corporate Partner membership is available to vendors of equipment, services or supplies that improve or support the administration and/or technology of radiology practices. Corporate membership includes the company itself with two individuals from within the company as our contact.  Corporate Partner members are entitled to additional benefits that support the companies marketing efforts.

Additional Corporate memberships are available to additional individuals within a Corporate Partner company in good standing who would like to take advantage of RBMA member benefits .