2020 Renewal Options

General Membership

Please note we once again have two options for 2020 renewals. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new renewal options for general memberships.  


Pay a per-person rate that is determined by the number of individuals that are members within your organization. Memberships are non-transferable - the individual owns the membership. Please review the chart below for the per-person rates:
Number of Members    Dues 
 1 member   $425
 2-3 members   $400 each  
 4-6 members   $375 each
 7-10 members   $350 each
 11+ members   $325 each

Please keep in mind:
 Per person counts are done at the time of renewal. For instance, if you renew five people on 11/14/19 and another two people on 11/16/19, they will not pay the same rate. The five on 11/14/19 would pay $375 per person and the two on 11/16/19 would pay $400 per person. For the lowest cost, renew everyone at once.

To Renew Online you MUST be logged in as the Company Administrator (as noted on your invoice). If you do not know who your company administrator is, or need to name someone else the Company Administrator, please contact us at 888.224.7262 or membership@rbma.org.

Renew at Per-Person Rates Now
(Company Admins only)


Purchase membership packages. These packages include the ability to interchange memberships in the event of a staff departure or new hire. The practice owns the membership as opposed to the individual. All members in the purchased package must work for the same company (same Tax ID number).

Package   Flat Dues Fee 
 5 Member Pack    $2,000 
 10 Member Pack    $3,750 
 15 Member Pack  $5,250 
 20 Member Pack  $7,000 
 Unlimited Members Pack    $10,000 

Purchase a Membership Package Now
(Anyone with an account)

Specialty Memberships

Life, Faculty, Recent Graduate, Retired and Student memberships, please renew here >>

Corporate Memberships (Vendors)

Please click here  for more information on your 2020 renewal.


If you have questions about the new dues structure, please contact us at membership@rbma.org or 888.224.7262