Volunteering for RBMA

RBMA wouldn't be what it is today without the generous help from our members.

We work diligently to further our mission of offering high value knowledge and applied business information for our members and the health care community. By volunteering with RBMA you will meet new people and grow your understanding of the industry. At the same time you will have a real impact on our organization and those we serve. 

Please review our 2020-2021 volunteer opportunities below and based on your interests, complete the appropriate form(s)!

Committee Service Opportunities

Annual appointment to an RBMA Committee, Subcommittee or Task Force is a one year term renewable up to a total of three years. Our 2020 Call for Volunteers has closed and will reopen in January 2021.  Our Microvolunteer opportunities are always open for volunteers and can be found on the right-hand column of this page >>

Micro-Volunteer Opportunities

These opportunities are shorter terms or carry less formal requirements (like conference calls or in-person meetings). Sign up as a 2020 Micro-Volunteer Now >>

Advanced Learning Subcommittee

The Gist: Developing advanced content, both in-person and online, for emerging and seasoned leaders
Time Commitment:
Monthly one hour conference calls, additional calls / document review as needed
Desired Skill Set:
Content development for new and seasoned leaders; evaluating and designing programming for an advanced level of thinking; working at or familiar with the inner working of a college and attracting participants for new programming

Bylaws Committee

The Gist: Keeps the RBMA Bylaws current and consistent with the goals and purposes of the organization
Time Commitment:
 Approx. 1 hour per month (may be more in some months and less in others, depending on work load)  
Desired Skill Set: Subject matter experts: legal, human resources, financial, security, etc...;  editing; writing skills, veteran practice managers

Data Collection & Reporting Committee

The Gist: Develops an information database about the radiology business management profession, through the use of surveys
Time Commitment:
Approximately two hours per month (monthly committee call, develop or provide feedback on committee projects, author one RBMA Bulletin article and at least one Hot Topics poll annually)
Desired Skill Set: 1) Data driven; 2) Interest/engagement in one or more of the following: practice quality techniques, value based contracting, compensation, evolving data collection and measurement processes; 3) writing skills

Federal Affairs Committee

The Gist: Identifies issues, prepares positions and communicates positions to internal and external audiences, pertaining to: (1) regulatory developments and (2) federal legislation affecting Medicare and other appropriate health care matters of interest to RBMA members.
Time Commitment:
 Monthly one hour call, additional calls in August-September developing RBMA response to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rules, attendance at RBMA LEARN (preferred) 
Desired Skill Set: Interest in federal and state advocacy issues, including RBMA’s filing of responses to the CMS Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule; advocating on behalf of radiology issues with members of Congress and federal regulators; interest in health care payment policy

Finance Committee

The Gist: Oversees the financial and operational matters having to do with finances and appropriate expenses of the RBMA in consultation with the Board of Directors.
Time Commitment:
 Approximately one hour per month (conference call); 2-3 hours per month in November/December for budget preparation.
Desired Skill Set: CPA, financially saavy, data driven, comfortable with spreadsheets and formulas

Membership Committee

The Gist: Expands the RBMA member base and facilitates the renewal of current memberships.
Time Commitment:
 One hour bi-monthly virtual conference call; one in-person meeting at PaRADigm (preferred)
Desired Skill Set: Recruitment, Member Engagement, Member Retention, Creativity, Marketing, Passion for Membership, Strategic Thinking
Other Information: We value different member viewpoints and try hard to construct this committee with a wide representation of backgrounds, including various positions within a radiology practice, ranging practice sizes, vendor companies and consultants.

Payor Relations Committee

The Gist: Increases the communication, coordination and cooperation of administrators, managers and radiologists on issues concerning government and private payors.
Time Commitment: Monthly one hour calls, on-site meeting at PaRADigm (preferred)
Desired Skill Set: 
Interest in insurance payor payment policy issues as it relates to radiology (sample issues include: steerage policy, benefit management organizations, payor payment issues and member education related to payor payment issues)

Program Learning Subcommittee

The Gist: Work with RBMA staff to design, coordinate and implement programming content for in-person events including but not limited to PaRADigm, SPARK, Coding Academy, and LEARN. 
Time Commitment: Varies based on the team assigned. Planning for PaRADigm and SPARK are working teams requiring a minimum commitment of 10 hours per month during the program development phase with additional independent work within assigned groups. Coding Academy and LEARN teams meet as needed via phone calls and review content via email. Strong email communication required.
Desired Skill Set: 
Subject matter experts needed from all aspects of the industry (i.e., PA, image centers, all modalities (CT, mammography, etc.), coding, compliance, IR, diagnostics, billing, marketing (social media, general marketing/communication), etc.). Ability to evaluate, discuss with others and select sessions based on the needs of the community.

Vendor Committee

The Gist: Strengthens a positive working relationship with vendors.
Time Commitment:
Three conference calls annually each lasting 60 minutes or less
Desired Skill Set: Creative, inventive, outside the box thinking
Other Information: Aim for a blend of vendors and practice leaders

Virtual Learning Subcommittee

The Gist: Design, coordinate and implement programming content for all online activities including but not limited to webinars, RBMA U, training products, and other digital learning projects
Time Commitment: The committee meets monthly. RBMA wants to re-invigorate its online learning presence and seek individuals willing to commit to this initiative. Individuals are also needed who can review past content, make suggestions for updates, and work to finalize those changes
Desired Skill Set: 
Experts from all aspects of the radiology business management community are welcome. Seeking individuals who know the industry and its needs, evaluating existing and new content, development of new products, and familiarity with online learning

Young Professionals Subcommittee

The Gist: Focused on engaging and recruiting a younger generation of radiology business professionals into the RBMA community.
Time Commitment:
 Bi-Monthly Conference Calls (1 hour); special assigned projects throughout the year (30 minutes maximum 4 times per year; attendance at PaRADigm (preferred)
Desired Skill Set: Desire to foster connections, passion for engaging younger professionals, creative thinking, networking, outgoing, future leader
Other Information: Looking for a diverse representation of radiology industry professionals


Annual Meeting Greeter

The Gist: Serve as a greeter on-site at PaRADigm to welcome attendees as they arrive at the registration area
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours onsite at 2020 PaRADigm (volunteers will receive assigned time/location)

Chapter Volunteer

The Gist: Donate your time and talent to your local RBMA Chapter! We'll communicate your interest to your Chapter, or if you don't currently have a local Chapter, we'll call on you for advice with local programming!
Time Commitment: Varies

Conference Concierge

The Gist: A veteran conference attendee who is paired with a first-time conference attendee to assist with conference questions, networking, session selection, or any other questions Time Commitment: One hour pre-conference (April); 2020 PaRADigm (4 day conference) More Information >>

Conversation Starter

The Gist: Post a question of your choice to an RBMA Community of your choice once a month to keep members engaged and active.
Time Commitment: 30 minutes/month

Social Media Squad

The Gist: Like, share and/or comment on RBMA social media posts
Time Commitment: Varies, you decide!