RBMA SPARK Virtual Conference

Dive into the world of radiology marketing at the SPARK Virtual Conference, a two-day event set to ignite your expertise and networking opportunities in this dynamic field. From foundational insights to advanced strategies, our sessions at SPARK promise a comprehensive exploration of how to effectively promote radiology services. With engaging speakers and a unique mix of practical workshops, including a marketing escape room challenge, attendees will emerge not only enlightened but also ready to apply cutting-edge techniques in their professional practices. Whether you're new to the sector or aiming to sharpen your skills, SPARK is your gateway to mastering radiology marketing. Join us for an experience that combines learning, application, and celebration, all designed to propel your career forward.


SPARK Virtual Conference

June 20-21, 2024 | 12:30-3:15 p.m., ET


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Session Information

Thursday, June 20

12:30-1 p.m. ET
Welcome Discussion
Pete Moffat, RBMA Board President

1-2: p.m. ET
Back to Basics
Dianne Keen, FRBMA; Dayna Leal; and Maegan Moore

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of radiology services and their importance within the healthcare industry. Participants will explore key marketing principles tailored specifically to the healthcare sector, focusing on effective strategies for promoting radiology services. The session will cover methods for identifying and understanding the target audience within the radiology field, as well as techniques for crafting compelling and persuasive brand messages. Attendees will leave with a solid foundation in both radiology basics and essential marketing tactics, enabling them to effectively market radiology services to the appropriate audiences.

2-2:15 p.m. ET
Brain Break!

2:15-3:15 p.m. ET
Effective Strategies in Radiology Marketing
Kim Kelley, FRBMA

Are you looking for practical strategies to boost your practice's visibility and connect with patients more effectively? Then this session is for you! We’ll leverage the experience of guest speakers from various practices to provide a range of insights and real-world examples. You’ll discover creative ways to use digital marketing, learn techniques for patient engagement, and get clear guidance on compliance and ethics. Plus, you'll understand how to measure and refine your marketing efforts using simple metrics and feedback. By the end of this session, you'll be equipped with effective strategies to drive patient engagement and ensure your marketing is both creative and compliant.

Friday, June 21

12:30-1 p.m. ET
Welcome Discussion & Top Takeaways from Day 1

1-2 p.m. ET
Advanced Radiology Marketing Techniques
Janinne Walker

Are you looking to harness the best AI tools for marketing and business development? Do you want to stay ahead of the curve in radiology marketing and explore the future landscape? Join us for an insightful session where we delve into the latest trends and innovations in marketing campaigns, AI applications, and strategic business development. Learn about the current hot topics, emerging technologies, and how to effectively plan for the future. This session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to elevate your marketing and business development efforts using cutting-edge AI solutions.

2-2:15 p.m. ET
Brain Break!

2:15-3:15 p.m. ET
Breakout Room Discussion & Wrap Up Weekend Launch Party
Breakout rooms will feature marketing escape room tasks – the first room to return to the main session room will win a prize!

Breakout Discussion Topics (more information forthcoming):

    • Back to Basics in Radiology Marketing
      1. Understanding Radiology: Basics of radiology services and their significance.
      2. Marketing Fundamentals: Key marketing principles applied to healthcare.
      3. Target Audience Identification: Recognizing your audience within the radiology sector.
      4. Brand Messaging: Crafting compelling messages for radiology services.

    • Effective Strategies in Radiology Marketing
      1. Digital Marketing Essentials: Leveraging social media, email, and content marketing.
      2. Patient Engagement: Techniques for engaging and retaining patients.
      3. Compliance and Ethics: Navigating the legal landscape of healthcare marketing.
      4. Analytics and Feedback: Measuring success and adapting strategies.

    • Advanced Radiology Marketing Techniques
      1. Innovative Campaigns: Case studies of successful radiology marketing campaigns.
      2. Technology Integration: Utilizing the latest tech trends in marketing strategies.
      3. Partnership and Collaboration: Building relationships with healthcare providers and community organizations.
      4. Future Trends: Anticipating changes in radiology marketing and healthcare.


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