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Monday, Sep. 21, 2020

11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Digital Persuasion: Ignite Your Social Influence
Erin King
Live session

When you type, text, or tweet a message to an employee or customer - how persuasive are you? When reaching out online to someone you don't know - does your message influence others to give you a chance? Or ignore you?

Compelling communication in today’s digital marketplace is dependent on your ability to positively influence others to respond - without the power of face to face communication.

In a live conversation, you have 8 seconds before someone decides how they feel about you and the message you are delivering. Online, you have just 2.5 seconds - or the length of a mobile notification preview. Presenting a new idea, introducing a new initiative, or downloading a new direction begins with persuading your recipient - in just a few words - that what you have to say matters.

Erin shares the big mistake 90% of us make in our digital communications with our teams and customers. Her proven 3 step PUB method, used by clients ranging from The Academy Awards to the United States Navy, shows you exactly how to optimize your approach to elicit the responses and actions you're looking for from your very next message.

At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to: 

  • Discern why social influence has shifted from brands to individuals- and what you can do about it. 
  • Digitally differentiate your content on even the loudest social platforms
  • Find and engage your most effective social ambassadors authentically

12:30-1 p.m.
A Word with Bob Live! Conversation with Erin King
Erin King and Bob Still
Live session

1:30-2:30 p.m. 

  • Top Gun: How High Is Your Leadership Quotient? 
    Suri Surinder
    Pre-recorded session

    This foundational module in the program takes audiences through the leadership journey, philosophy, and strategies associated with CTR Factor leadership. The greatest leaders in our lives have figured out how to get people to follow them voluntarily, predictably, and consistently. They have mastered the science of gravitational leadership. Voluntary followership is earned through specific currencies of influence, assets of impact, and investments of intention. These factors determine our leadership quotient. This presentation takes audiences on a fascinating personal leadership journey of experiential learning that transformed the speaker from line level to senior executive. The lessons learned along the way are woven into a radically different leadership model and leveraged systematically and sequentially to derive specific leadership techniques that can be used the next day. Entertaining story-telling and insightful model-building at its scintillating best.

    At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:

    • Recognize the currencies of influence, assets of impact, and investments of intention needed to maximize your leadership quotient. 
    • Assess our individual leadership quotient based on the currencies of influence that we have earned from the people around us.
    • Enhance your leadership quotient through specific strategies and techniques to earn the currencies the influence more effectively and efficiently.
  • New Tactics to Build Physician Relationships
    Robyn Creech, MBA
    Live session

    As the world of healthcare evolves, so must you. In an effort to find a genuine connection with your physicians and decision-makers, sometimes the old swag and annual calendar just aren’t enough. What makes them tick? What are their practice needs? What can make their life easier? What is a constant struggle for them when ordering radiology? Can you see things from their perspective? Using real-life examples, case studies, and proven tactics, this course will dive into how to take a completely different approach. This session provides key tactics to create buy-in from your team as well as operations and IT as you must evolve together. You will turn from “just a rep” into educators, mentors, thought partners, and eventually, friends. This is a dynamic style session with participation and a shared tactics approach. Are you ready?

    At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:

    • Create needs-based marketing campaigns
    • Persuade your internal team from the PR rep to the IT Director and CEO to this new approach
    • Utilize the tools from the session to create genuine relationships with decision-makers.
  • Is Your Website Accessible and ADA Compliant?
    Kim Kelley, FRBMA
    Pre-recorded session

    What are the chances your new website would actually be considered discriminatory against persons with disabilities? Increasing website scrutiny means persons with disabilities must be able to fully enjoy, access, and navigate the content on your website - all while being in compliance with the laws of accessibility.

    At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:

    • Recognize the differences between accessibility and ADA compliance
    • Apply what you know to fix the most common website accessibility errors
    • Evaluate how to assess your own website's compliance with a 28 point checklist

3-4:15 p.m.
Digital Persuasion: Ignite Your Social Influence
Erin King

In this deep-dive workshop, Erin King will moderate this highly interactive, high-energy session and available for direct questions.

Were you expecting to sit back and watch your computer screen while multi-tasking? No way!

Attendees will be divided into small groups and work in break-out rooms with your peers to discuss and put the key learnings from Erin's keynote topic on being more digitally persuasive into practice as it relates specifically to your business. In your break-out session rooms, you will brainstorm with other attendees new, custom, creative ways to elevate your digital marketing strategies when it comes to using live video, email, advertising, content marketing, and more! Then, come ready to share the great ideas from these conversations. At the end of the session, walk away with fresh ideas to help you communicate in a way that is more powerful, relevant, and effective especially in today's highly competitive online times. 

Let’s get to work. Oh, wait there is a bonus. Erin is giving away a few passes to her online social marketing course deep-dive workshop “The Social Media Spa (value $197 each) for the best ideas shared from the breakout session!


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