Pre-Conference Workshop

1-5 p.m.
Business Development: Marketplace Opportunities and Risk
Keith Chew, MHA, CMPE, FRBMA and Mark Kleinschmidt

This exciting new workshop is geared to senior leaders and business executives seeking greater opportunities to increase business in their practices. During the four-hour pre-conference workshop, presenters will cover tools, tips, and resources to help you assess your practices’ marketplace for growth opportunities, assess risks in your marketplace and identify potential competitors, local and national. The workshop includes these learning opportunities. 

When assessing your marketplace for growth opportunities, participants will leave knowing how to: 

  • Develop tools to determine their market share within the marketplace they serve and estimate the combined portion of the market share which is served by their competitors.
  • Use analysis of their marketplace to assess the potential to shift business from competitors to their practice 
  • Develop a strategy on how best to accomplish their goals.
  • Identify potentially underserved services in the marketplace that can potentially become new business service lines for their group.

When creating a strategy to assess the risk and potential market competitors, participants will leave knowing how to:  

  • Identify and evaluate competition in its current marketplace and determine the risk the competitor poses to their practice.
  • Identify potential future competitors from outside their marketplace and be able to assess how attractive their marketplace maybe  outside of market competitors.
  • Proactively draft a plan to minimize impacts from current market competitors and strategize on ways to keep outside of market competitors from entering their marketplace.

The workshop will conclude with a roundtable discussion where participants can share challenges, obtain other perspectives, and learn what other leaders are doing to grow their practices. 

Separate fee required.
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Sunday. Nov. 8, 2020
1-5 p.m.
The Brown Hotel
Louisville, KY