Radiology Marketing Certificate Program

RBMA is excited to announce the new Radiology Marketing Certificate Program geared to new radiology marketers. This blended format program, created by marketing experts, will cover today’s most relevant marketing concepts and strategies. From data-driven marketing to social media, all courses are rich with examples, and include seven self-paced online courses with post-tests, facilitated online Q&A sessions, followed by an virtual collaborative group project  .

This program has limited capacity to allow better access to instructors and collaborative projects with fellow participants. This program is a performance-based certificate and not a credential. 

Who Should Attend?
Participants who are new to radiology marketing and want to increase their knowledge, strengthen their skills and showcase their professional value to their employer. The program also serves seasoned radiology marketers who want a refresher course on today’s most relevant marketing concepts and strategies.

What will I gain from the RBMA Radiology Marketing Certificate Program?
The Radiology Marketing Certificate Program opens the door for strategic, forward-thinking professionals to expand their practices’ reach in a crowded marketplace. Upon successful completion of all requirements, participants will have gained tools they can immediately apply to real-world challenges and opportunities. Participants will also receive a digital RBMA Radiology Marketing Certificate they can print and display in their office as well as a digital badge. The certificate and digital badge will showcase your increased knowledge and expertise from this professional development endeavor. 

What is a digital badge?
Digital badges are tokens that show your achievements. They look like icons or logos on a Web page and can be used on social media such as LinkedIn, and elsewhere online. Professional groups, universities, and other credentialing organizations award them to signify accomplishments. They can validate that you completed a project, mastered a skill, took certain courses, or acquired specific professional experience.

How do I participate? 
To participate in the Radiology Marketing Certificate Program, you simply sign up. When your registration is received, a link will be sent giving you access to seven on demand courses . Each course is approximately one hour and includes a 20 question quiz that must be passed with 70% accuracy. 

1. Marketing 101 – An Overview of Marketing Concepts
2. Creating an Effective Marketing Plan
3. Differentiation in Radiology Marketing
4. Regulatory Concerns in Radiology Marketing
5. Marketing the Hospital-Based Practice
6. Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Radiology
7. Conquering Digital Marketing Frontier 

Are there other activities that require more of my time? 
There will be an initial online meet and greet to connect with other participants. Each participant will have the opportunity to virtually participate in a Q&A session with each course faculty member during a 30-minute scheduled call. Finally, the facilitator will assign participants a team and prepare you to complete your final project. The assignment will be provided prior to the conference for the teams to discuss strategy. The project will be completed during a full-day virtual workshop held Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020, prior to the SPARK virtual conference. Participants will at that time prepare and 

Am I required to attend the 2020 SPARK Conference to participate in this Certificate Program?
Part of the registration fee includes registration for SPARK where you can further your knowledge and meet with more radiology marketing professionals.

Is there a time limit to complete the assignment?
The self-paced online courses and related tests must be completed by Sept. 4, 2020. 

What are the costs for the RBMA Radiology Marketing Certificate?
The cost is $449 RBMA member and staff of RBMA Members/$529 Non-Member  and includes access to all seven online courses, registration to the 2020 SPARK Virtual Conference, and a final certificate and digital badge. 

Do I earn any continuing education credit for participating?

Can I learn more about the courses before registering?
Yes. Go here .

How do I register for the RBMA Radiology Marketing Certificate Program?
You will need to add the RBMA Radiology Marketing Certificate to your SPARK conference registration. Register today! 
Add the Radiology Marketing Certificate Program to your SPARK registration by Aug. 24, 2020

Increase your knowledge and enhance your conference experience by enrolling in the NEW RBMA Radiology Marketing Certificate Program!