Planning & Preparing for Your Virtual Conference Experience

RBMA PaRADigm SHIFT will be very similar to our live conference, minus the sore feet. However, just like a live experience, you will maximize your experience by planning out your schedule and identifying your main goals and top priorities. There will be more than 30 hours of content, falling within five learning tracks, as well as opportunities to network, and download resources that you can view off-line. With a mix of live keynote presentations, live facilitated Q&A, on-demand sessions, and a virtual exhibit hall you’re able to be an agent of your own experience and make  PaRADigm SHIFT relevant to your needs. Let’s get virtual with it! 

Accessing the Platform

To log-in follow this link to access the platform. You can sign in to the site from any browser on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. If you’re having issues loading the site, please update your browser and retry. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to sign in to join the fun. Select “Sign In” from the navigation menu then use the email you used to register and password emailed to you. If you are unable to locate the email, simply click on forgot password to receive a new email. This will validate your registration and allow you access. For issues with signing in, please email for assistance.

System Requirements & Resources

  • A stable internet connection to stream video without interruptions and/or lags.
  • Laptops/Desktops: All you need is a modern browser.The system is built in HTML5 so that it works natively in Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. - We recommend having a current (or very recent) version of your browser installed. If you’re running a very outdated version, please consider updating before logging-in.
  • Mobile Phones/Tablets: The system is built in HTML5 so that it works natively in Apple Safari and Google Chrome, and it will work on your mobile device.

Updating Your Profile

After signing in, you’ll be asked to complete your attendee profile, add your photo, and select your areas of interest. By doing these things, you’ll be connected to sessions and peers with similar interests. You can always update these items later. You can also record your “Hello World!” video greeting. This short video allows you to introduce yourself and will be included on your profile and in the Networking Lounge so other attendees can get to know you.

Building Your Agenda

After selecting areas of interest, the system will provide you with recommended sessions. You can also view the available sessions in the “Sessions” section. Sessions are organized by day for the live program and can be sorted by track. To add any session to your agenda, click the calendar icon next to the session title. You can always review your personal agenda and recommended sessions in “My Agenda” from the navigation menu. You do not need to preregister for any session. Note: The event schedule is in Eastern Daylight Time. If you can’t make a live session, it will be recorded and posted in the “On Demand” sessions beginning Sept. 22.

When Does Everything Start?

On Demand content will go live on Monday, Sept. 21, at 11 a.m. ET.

SPARK Kickoff

Attending a conference, whether live or virtual, provides a much-needed change of scenery and a mindset shift. We recommend finding a new place (separate from where you are currently working) in which to attend the conference to help you think differently as well as create, craft, and design your journey.


  • Find a quiet place (as much as possible given any new co-workers!)
  • Consider using headphones or ear buds. You’ll be able to hear (and focus) a lot better on the content.
  • Have something to occupy your hands (other than your phone) while you listen. Use the goodie in your swag box to stay busy. Stay hydrated and move around from time-to-time. Working from home, take your afternoon sessions in the backyard for a change of scenery!

Need Help?

Our team is here to help and ensure you have the best possible experience during the SPARK Virtual Conference.

  • If you are having a technical issue with the platform, please use the “Help” function in the bottom left of the site to submit your issue. This will direct your question to the IT gurus who can assist through the backend of the system.
  • For nontechnical issues and other questions, please email for assistance or chat live with a staff member on the RBMA virtual booth located in the exhibit hall.