Booth Information and Fees

RBMA hosts exhibit halls in venues that are conducive to meeting and talking with current and prospective clients. We stay away from large convention centers and instead concentrate on creating a collegial atmosphere, ensuring that you'll bump into top industry professionals no matter your location in the RBMA Exhibit Hall. 

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Member Identification
Exhibitors who are RBMA members will be given a sign advertising their membership in RBMA to place in their booth.

International Exhibitors
RBMA has no financial obligation for expenses incurred by international exhibitors related to travel, visa application fees or event registration. RBMA also bears no responsibility for international exhibitor stays in the United States.

Exhibitor Representatives
Booth representative names are due March 15, 2019. Any changes thereafter will only be accepted at the on-site rates.

All booth representatives must be registered. Representatives must be employees of your company. Registered exhibitor personnel can attend all RBMA educational sessions, food and beverage events, and after-hours special events.

Exhibitor Representative Registration Fees
On or Before March 15, 2019
RBMA Corporate Member: First two (2) reps complimentary; up to two (2) additional reps at $400 each (maximum of 4 reps per booth rented)
Non-Member: First (1) rep complimentary; up to one (1) additional rep at $400 (maximum of 2 reps per booth rented)

After March 15, 2019, and On-site*
RBMA Corporate Member: First two (2) reps at $100 each; up to two (2) additional reps at $500 each (maximum of 4 reps per booth rented)
Non-Member: First (1) rep fee $100; up to one (1) additional rep at $500 (maximum of 2 reps per booth rented)

*NOTE: Name changes submitted after March 15, 2019, will be assessed at the on-site rate.

Standards for Exhibiting
Distribution of literature, samples, etc., by firms that are NOT participating in the Exhibit Hall is prohibited. Evidence of violation of this rule should be reported immediately to an RBMA representative.

Installation of Exhibits
Exhibit space will not be released to the exhibitor until all conditions as set forth in these rules are met. Installation of exhibits will commence Sunday, April 14, 2019,  at 8:30 a.m. All exhibits must be completed by 4:30 p.m. and all aisles cleared of exhibit material and crates. Any company not moved in and set up by this time will be barred from participation in all future RBMA events.

Dismantling/Removal of Exhibits
Each exhibitor will complete arrangements for the removal of materials from the Exhibit Hall. Move-out prior to 3:15 p.m., on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, is not permitted. Any exhibitor moving out prior to this time will be barred from participation in all future RBMA events.

All exhibit materials must be packed and ready for shipment by 10 p.m., Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Any materials not packed by that time will be shipped at the exhibitor's expense by a carrier selected by the official drayage company.

Contractor Services
RBMA has designated WillWork, Inc. as the official service contractor to provide services to the exhibitor other than supervision. Exhibitors may use their own service contractor providing they inform RBMA. All exhibitor appointed contractors shall abide by the terms and conditions and rules and regulations set forth herein. Electrical, plumbing, cleaning, telephone, drayage and rigging services must be provided by the designated official contractor.

Exhibitor Demonstrations
Demonstrations by exhibitors should contribute to the needs of the attendees in a professional way. Demonstrations and adequate space for an audience should be available within the confines of the individual exhibitor's booth. No interference with normal traffic flow or infringement on neighboring exhibits is permitted.

Exhibit Booth Conduct
Exhibiting companies, along with their representatives and agents, are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when participating in any RBMA activity. Your actions in the Exhibit Hall and conference location are a reflection of the association as are all members of RBMA. Exhibitors should refrain from excessive alcohol consumption and dress in an appropriate manner. The values of the Association include courteousness and respect of fellow exhibiting companies' booth space and materials. All photography by vendors of competitor exhibit booths is prohibited.

All exhibitors agree to graciously follow and adhere to the decisions, rules and regulations set forth by the RBMA Board of Directors. The venue location (hotel or convention center) or decorating company does not have jurisdiction over the Exhibit Hall. All questions or concerns are to be taken to RBMA staff for resolution.

Any violation of the RBMA rules and regulations and any unethical conduct or infraction of rules on the part of the exhibitor or his representative, or both, will subject the exhibitor or his representative to dismissal from the Exhibit Hall, in which event it is agreed that no refund will be made by RBMA.

Food and Beverage in the Exhibit Hall
Exhibitors who wish to give away food or beverage items in their booth must first obtain permission from RBMA, and, if approved, must order any food or beverage item from the hotel or venue catering services. Contact with any food or beverage requests.

Entertainment or Social Functions
No events of any kind may be scheduled to conflict with conference program hours, exhibit hours, or social events held during April 5-8, 2018.

Booth Space Rental
Because of space constraints, RBMA reserves the right to limit the quantity of booth space rentals per exhibitor. Multiple booth spaces may be reserved for exhibitors participating in RBMA Sponsorship Programs.

It is expressly understood that in leasing and using space in the Exhibit Hall, the exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules and regulations, moreover, that the RBMA in accepting the application for space, agrees to furnish ordinary facilities and services as enumerated in this agreement.

Any points not covered above or elsewhere on these pages are subject to a settlement by the management. The RBMA reserves the right to change or modify any rule or regulation, or any specification therein, when deemed advisable and to the best interest of the Association.

In the interest of providing meeting attendees with information about the variety of products and services available to radiology and associated health care professionals, the RBMA permits companies to set up exhibits at RBMA meetings. The attendance of the exhibitors at RBMA meetings does not constitute the association's endorsement of a product or service offered. The RBMA makes no representations, express or implied, regarding the nature or quality of the products or services offered by meeting exhibitors. Attendees are urged to consult with their own legal advisors before signing any contract with an exhibitor.

Beware of Imposters and Unofficial Vendors

Exhibiting companies may be contacted by individuals that claim to represent RBMA – often attempting to sell conference registration lists, advertising, or discounted hotel rates. Don’t be tricked! The only way to secure advertising or conference registrations lists is directly through the RBMA exhibitor registration forms. For details on how to book your hotel room click here.

Our team is here to help you make the most of your time and investment. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact and we would be happy to assist you.