Things to Do

Visit Espanola Way
This little area on South Beach is filled with Spanish colonial architecture and open-air European streets, where you can walk along and enjoy people-watching, grabbing a coffee, or sitting for a glass of wine or lunch. It’s absolutely beautiful during the day and would make a great place for a stroll under the warm Miami sunshine. It’s also a wonderful place to sit and have dinner with friends or partner and is very romantic. The streets are lined with restaurants and cafés, all underneath little twinkling strings of café lights.

Have a massive cocktail at Sugar Factory
Kylie Jenner brought a lot of attention to this Miami hot spot with photos on social media of her appearance at the grand opening of Sugar Factory. This spot boasts HUGE cocktails made for sharing with friends, that are filled to the brim with liquor, syrups, and candy! There are several to choose from, including Lollipop Passion, Bubba Bubba Gum, Ocean Blue, and sunshine Tea. These drinks will cost some bucks, but let’s face it, it’s totally worth the photo op.

Visit Lincoln Road Mall
If looking to hit a bunch of favorite stores all in one shot, this is the place to go. There’s nothing better than hitting the beach in the morning and then going for some afternoon lunch and shopping. Here, visitors will find stores like Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Aldo, American Eagle, Anthropologie, and Lacoste. There’s also a great independent bookstore called Books and Books that is a must-see for people who love reading. The streets are lined with restaurants as well, making it a perfect stop for lunch, a drink, or dinner, and Sundays it boasts a farmer’s market.

Dance at Liv nightclub
LIV at Fontainebleau is consistently ranked one of the top nightclub venues in the world has redefined Miami Beach and pioneered the nightlife experience.

Visit the World Erotic Art Museum
Feeling a little risqué? Looking for an adventure? There’s nothing like taking a trip to the World Erotic Art Museum, which is actually the world’s largest public view collection of erotic art. The collection covers many different mediums, cultures, and lifestyles, ranging from 300 B.C.E. to the present.

Art Deco District Welcome Center
There’s a lot of history to soak up in South Beach, specifically in the city’s Art Deco district. Start your day in the colorful neighborhood with a stop here and make the most of your visit. The center will send you off armed with maps and suggestions for DIY walking tours. For a formal introduction to the iconic architecture, book a guided excursion and let one of the Miami Design Preservation League’s certified historians lead the way.

Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive is fun. The touristy strip gets a bad wrap for its overpriced drinks (hello, $65 margarita) and mediocre food but there are plenty of great restaurants–if you know where to look. For a sidewalk cafe experience and whimsical cocktails, head to Sugar Factory, where you’re also likely to spot a celeb or two. If it’s something intimate and upscale you’re seeking, try Gianni’s at the Villa, located within the former Versace mansion. 

Do some yoga on the beach
There is a group that meets up throughout the week for yoga on the beach right before sundown. If you’re lucky enough to catch them and really need to stretch and do some yoga to wind down from the day, this is the best spot. There is nothing like getting to heal and breathe right on the beach by the water, which is so much nicer than any yoga studio. You can breathe in the salt and sea, and engage in a beautiful yoga practice that will have you stretching while you watch the sky burst into pastel rainbows at sunset.

Try stand-up paddleboarding
Miami is a great place for all kinds of water sports—kayaking, jet skiing, and yes, even stand up paddleboarding! This summer haven boasts great waves and is a perfect spot for learning SUP. Many places around the beach offer SUP classes for beginners and group classes for people who want to go out and get a workout with friends. offers surfing and SUP classes, and once visitors have mastered the basics and feel pretty comfortable, there are different places around the beach that offer night and sunset paddleboard classes.