Sessions presented at PaRADigm are based on the RBMA Common Body of Knowledge. Listed below are the tracks available along with the corresponding session.

Social Media

Monday, June 3, 2019

10:30-11:30 a.m
What Does Social Media Have To Do With Health Care? Everything!
Kevin Maloney

To some, the idea of incorporating social media into health care is simply ridiculous. During the session, the presenter will highlight how you can use social media to your advantage of building both your brand and your reputation. You will see how social media presence can be used to share patient success stories – while keeping HIPAA compliant – and champion providers for their accomplishments and the care they provide for the community.

After the session, you are able to:

    • Create a plan of action to identify and share patient success stories.
    • Share a compelling story in the attention deficit world of social media.
    • Assess the importance of keeping an eye on the competition.

1:15-2:15 p.m.
Creating Social Media Content with a Purpose
April Smith

As social media marketing continues to evolve and grow as one of the most successful current forms of marketing, it is imperative to be able to not only create social media content that will help you to reach your goals but to also be able to prove the return on your investment. In this session, you'll learn when and how to use social media advertising to help drive web traffic and sales. You'll also learn how to better track these results with solid numbers that can be exported into a meaningful report to help you create a better marketing strategy.

After the session, you are able to:

    • Determine which content should be promoted with social media advertising.
    • Optimize social media ads to provide the most results for your specific goals including finding your target audience.
    • Prove your social media advertising return with conversions and compelling reports.

2:45-3:45 p.m.
Content is the New Spam: How to Create More Effective Posts
Sherron Washington, MA

As social media popularity grows, platforms become crowded, making it even more challenging for content to be retained. This leads to diluted messaging that is unnoticed and unwanted, causing a “spam-like” effect. To combat this, businesses must learn to build content that will create excitement and make an impact, without having their audience tune out or turn off. This interactive session teaches businesses how to maximize and leverage social media marketing content effectively.

After the session, you are able to:
    • Build succinct and compelling effective marketing messaging.
    • Determine which content is most impactful on each social media platform.
    • Apply best practices to pair great visual imaging with your content.

4-5 p.m
Digital Storytelling is the New Black
Tisha Holman

Publishing content on social media needs to be done with diligent and intentional strategy. If your brand is going to make a lasting impression and impact audiences, you must present compelling stories online. There are amazing developments with artificial intelligence and video which are trending, but digital storytelling is the new black.

After the session, you are able to:
    • Create a brand that’s in demand through effective and purposeful stories.
    • Create the main elements to design storyboards that help you articulate your strategy.
    • Apply the fine art of bringing visual imagery to life through carefully curated post copy.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

10:30-11:30 a.m.
Facing Facebook Live to Up Your Imaging Game
Christina Brown, BS

Participants will get a step-by-step guide for constructing FaceBook LIVE segments that can be used to market their imaging centers that engage patients, referring offices, and also grow business volume.

After the session, you are able to:
    • Develop Facebook LIVE segments as a resource to inform and educate the consumer and community.
    • Build Facebook LIVE to increase patient and referring office engagement to grow volume.
    • Analyze the data from Facebook Live metrics to measure the success of your FB LIVE segment.

11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
Create Your Own Digital Marketing Plan
Adam Blak

In this session, participants will walk through five important steps for creating a successful digital marketing plan. Participants will learn how to create a digital marketing strategy, growing their online audience, building brand interaction, ongoing optimizations, and building brand loyalty.  

After the session, you are able to:
    • Plan and create your own digital marketing strategy.
    • Identify the path to grow your online audience.
    • Demonstrate how sales have increased with your plan.

1:45-2:45 p.m.
The Science of Social Media
Karen Barden and Laurel Skurko, BA, MBA

Explore the latest social media tools and platforms, ranging from geofencing to LinkedIn ads. Do you think that social media is too complex to involve your team? Think again. In this session, learn how health care teams, from chiefs to administrators, manage the use of these social media tools for maximum impact and to build visibility that drives volumes builds a reputation, and effects relationships among colleagues. The presenters will examine project plans, calendars, and budgets, provided by brand marketing experts from University of Virginia and University of California San Francisco, to understand the reasons why teamwork around the use of social media presence is imperative in today’s health care market. Participants will get instructions on how to build project proposals and set Return On Investment (ROI) objectives as well as develop a strategic plan that gets results! Take away action-oriented project planning tools that will distinguish you from your peers.  

After the session, you are able to:
    • Identify situational elements most relevant to the business context that guides a successful social media strategy and actions needed before launching.
    • Apply critical steps when creating a social media marketing plan and avoiding the “messaging” trap.
    • Benchmark success by developing a tracking tool to communicate social media metrics to team members and stakeholders.

3:15-5:15 p.m.
Google Analytics Deep Dive: From Newbie to Effective in Two Hours
Aaron Brown

Is your SEO or social media investment worth it? Are your online campaigns working? Should you spend more or less on search ads? Google Analytics can answer these questions! From basics to digging deep for specific answers, this session will teach you how to find, collect, and transform your website data into a living, presentable, decision-making tool. Learn how to decipher your online efforts' success, uncover new opportunities, and communicate those to others. We'll work with Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and more. Practical examples and take-home templates included.  

After the session, you are able to:
    • Use Google Analytics and other tools to measure ROI and make decisions on your online efforts.
    • Create effective dashboards to clearly communicate how well your efforts are working.
    • Identify your online weaknesses and opportunities for improvement based on your website and your competition's.

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