Monday, June 3, 2019

9-10 a.m.
Digital Persuasion: Ignite Your Social Influence

Erin Gargan King

In today’s skeptical, saturated, ad-blocker installed social world, it’s never been harder for a brand to be seen or believed. If your social media content isn’t driving the conversations or conversions that it used to, it’s because it’s not enough to just tell a great story anymore. Persuading others to engage with you, your brand, your product or service on social media requires a strategy for not just WHAT story you are telling: but WHO is telling it. Welcome to the era of the “influencer”. Yes, it’s an eye-rolling buzzword. Yes, it’s a Halloween costume. And yes, 92 percent of us trust their recommendations over anything a brand says about itself (Nielsen). In just the last few years, the traditional marketing paradigm has been inverted – with persuasion power no longer belonging to brands but to micro, customer and employee influencers. On a daily basis, these authentic voices are influencing perception and impacting how we learn, feel and take action. So how can you leverage this complex movement to improve your social media performance? Way beyond cheesy paid celebrity endorsements and boring customer testimonials, igniting the transformative power of influencer marketing revolve around answering one big question. Whether you are an individual marketing team of one or at the helm of a Fortune 100 brand, Erin will equip and empower you to answer that key question, so you can start to attract attention, increase influence and sell smarter in today’s social media marketplace.

10:30-11:30 a.m

  • What Does Social Media Have to Do With Health Care? Everything!
    Kevin Maloney

  • To some, the idea of incorporating social media into health care is simply ridiculous. During the session, the presenter will highlight how you can use social media to your advantage of building both your brand and your reputation. You will see how social media presence can be used to share patient success stories – while keeping HIPAA compliant – and champion providers for their accomplishments and the care they provide for the community.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Create a plan of action to identify and share patient success stories.
    • Share a compelling story in the attention deficit world of social media.
    • Assess the importance of keeping an eye on the competition.

  • For The Love of Rejection
    Martin Farrell

  • Nobody said sales would be good for your ego. Getting out there and building relationships is not always easy. In order to build those relationships, you need a plan, you need a firm foundation in operations and you need a thick skin that can protect a needed sensitive nature. This session will show you how to come up with a sales plan, interact with operational departments and build meaningful relationships that lead to referrals.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Build a sales strategy.
    • Work with operations to ensure needs can be met.
    • Build meaningful relationships that produce referrals.

  • Marketing Simplified: The 15-Minute Marketing Plan
    Sherron Washington, MA

  • The age of creating a multi-page, complexed plan that is rarely used or abandoned is over. Marketing should never be that complicated or time-consuming. Developing a simple marketing plan is critical to business success and gaining the skill to craft and implement quick, creative and compelling promotional strategies is the key to positively impacting position and the bottom line. This session teaches you to maximize marketing efforts effectively using a streamlined, one-page marketing plan.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Distinguish between marketing, sales, and public relations.
    • Acquire core marketing strategies that increase lead generation and market exposure.
    • Create a one-page marketing plan in six simple steps.

Noon-1 p.m.
Important Trends That Impact Radiology Marketing—What You Need to Know
Ronald Bucci, Ph.D.
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Health care is in the midst of a tremendous transition away from fee-for-service, and into a value-based care world. Your referral sources are looking for high-quality care at ever lower price points. Tools like MIPS and MACRA are being used to drive new behavior, and high deductible plans have your patients shopping around for options. This session will discuss these larger trends and more happening in the world of outpatient imaging to help you make sense of it all. It will highlight different strategies that imaging centers have taken to compete in today’s marketplace, and layout the implications for a practice marketing professional.

After the session, you are able to:
  • Understand the changes happening in health care today and how they impact the viability of an imaging center operation. 
  • Gain different strategies radiology practices have undertaken to respond to the changing environment, and how to effectively market your center in a manner that is consistent with the business strategy chosen by your practice.

1:15-2:15 p.m

  • Creating Social Media Content with a Purpose
    April Smith

  • As social media marketing continues to evolve and grow as one of the most successful current forms of marketing, it is imperative to be able to not only create social media content that will help you to reach your goals but to also be able to prove the return on your investment. In this session, you'll learn when and how to use social media advertising to help drive web traffic and sales. You'll also learn how to better track these results with solid numbers that can be exported into a meaningful report to help you create a better marketing strategy. 
    After the session, you are able to:
    • Determine which content should be promoted with social media advertising.
    • Optimize social media ads to provide the most results for your specific goals including finding your target audience.
    • Prove your social media advertising return with conversions and compelling reports.

  • Earn Your T.I.A.R.A Through OPS
    Denielle Lucas and Rachel Papka

  • Earn your T.I.A.R.A (Tactical Intelligence and Referral Acquisition). Three steps to building a marketing and operations team with proven strategies for a competitive edge. In this session, the speakers will cover why it's important to know the key players, identify them, and build relationships. In addition, learn how to collaborate with operations to utilize workflow analysis and identify technology solutions to resolve and manage office complaints. At the end of the day, we are ultimately working toward the mutual goal of increased referral volume and exceptional patient experience.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Create relationships that matter.
    • Identify how your internal workflow affects your referring offices.
    • Implement proven strategies to gain a competitive edge.

  • Content Marketing Strategy: Unlock Gateways to New Audiences
    Shakira M. Brown

  • In this presentation, gain insights to develop a realistic approach to content marketing that nurtures prospects and converts them into customers and patients. Learn to identify what your prospects care about to fuel an effective lead-generation pipeline. Discover how content marketing improves search engine results to increase new website inquiries. Most importantly, learn how to generate content with as minimal effort as possible and maximum long-term impact. 
    After the session, you are able to:
    • Identify precise business goals to drive your entire content marketing strategy and earn leadership support.
    • Leave with knowledge of the tools necessary to generate content that offers value to your prospects without selling to them.
    • Engage relevant key stakeholders in their organization in supporting this process and help each person understand their role in “making it happen”.

2:45-3:45 p.m

  • Content is the New Spam: How to Create More Effective Posts
    Sherron Washington, MA

  • As social media popularity grows, platforms become crowded, making it even more challenging for content to be retained. This leads to diluted messaging that is unnoticed and unwanted, causing a “spam-like” effect. To combat this, businesses must learn to build content that will create excitement and make an impact, without having their audience tune out or turn off. This interactive session teaches businesses how to maximize and leverage social media marketing content effectively.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Build succinct and compelling effective marketing messaging.
    • Determine which content is most impactful on each social media platform.
    • Apply best practices to pair great visual imaging with your content.

  • How to Stand out in a Crowded Marketplace
    Maria Lynn Johnson

  • Are you striving to stand out in a noisy marketplace? In today's competitive health care environment, there are many professionals vying for the attention of health care providers. How do you show up, speak and build relationships in a way that will distinguish you as the partner of choice? In this session, you will discover a powerful way to speak and network with impact – the proven secret sauce to building credibility and market share.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Introduce yourself and speak in a way that stands out, and gets you past gatekeepers.
    • Use language and nonverbal communication to influence and build rapport.
    • Differentiate yourself and your personal brand so you become a market of “one”.

  • Events Got You Stressed? #PlanLikeABoss
    Denielle Lucas

  • In this session, you will get a guide for planning a successful marketing event (i.e., grand opening, mixers, community events, employee appreciation, and patient appreciation). Learn how to choose the right event partners, developing a realistic timeline, and recruiting internal staff to volunteer.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Apply confidence in your ability to pull together an organized event.
    • Prepare checklists and timelines to keep better track of planning. 
    • Develop cheat sheets, and tips and tricks to manage any unforeseen situations.

4-5 p.m

  • Digital Storytelling is the New Black
    Tisha Holman

  • Publishing content on social media needs to be done with diligent and intentional strategy. If your brand is going to make a lasting impression and impact audiences, you must present compelling stories online. There are amazing developments with artificial intelligence and video which are trending, but digital storytelling is the new black.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Create a brand that’s in demand through effective and purposeful stories.
    • Create the main elements to design storyboards that help you articulate your strategy.
    • Apply the fine art of bringing visual imagery to life through carefully curated post copy.

  • Positioning Your Physician Liaisons For Success: Building Volume vs. Putting Out Fires
    Rod Neaveill

  • Radiology practice administrators are demanding more and more from physician liaisons. Once thought as a way to pacify and hand-hold referring providers, administrators expect physician liaisons to not only put out fires but also build practice volume. Learn how to position physician liaisons with referrers as well as with internal stakeholders, aligning themselves with the needs of referrers and the goals of practice operations.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Make the most out of a provider encounter.
    • Align physician liaison program goals with practice operations.
    • Drive more referrals from splitter providers to your practice.

  • Waltons and Jetsons: Unifying Cultures After a Merger
    Tina Rudisill and Gail Schwartz

  • The Waltons and the Jetsons were two memorable TV families, but blending them would be difficult. Radiology mergers pose similar challenges. Organizational cultures evolve unique ways of viewing their business, interacting with customers, and orchestrating operations. Yet to move forward and win as ONE organization, everyone must learn to get on the same page. The session leaders will share insights and lessons learned from multiple radiology merger experiences, and review effective culture-building practices.

    After the session, you are able to:
    • Anticipate potential cultural challenges from the earliest stages of evaluating a prospective radiology merger by incorporating a cultural assessment into the “due diligence” processes.
    • Proactively define the attributes of a new, merged culture that builds on the greatest strengths of both practices.
    • Apply a customer-focused, marketing mindset to culture-building activities that will expedite the effort to position merged organizations for maximum success—whether the merger is still in process or still facing internal struggles post-merger.


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