RBMA Bulletin: Leadership (November/December 2017)

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President’s Message
Thomas Dickerson explains why it is important for RBMA leaders to represent, support, and serve the membership.
By Thomas Dickerson, ED.D., FACHE 

10 Things You Can’t Learn in Business School About Running a Radiology Practice
Armed with a toolbox of skills and education, what are some of the unique radiology things you will need to learn, understand, or master as a successful radiology practice manager?
By Patricia Kroken, FACMPE, CRA, FRBMA

How to Diagnose and Remedy Physician Burnout
Physician burnout is so common in medical group practices across the country that many professionals are struggling to find tangible solutions to address this epidemic. Making small steps in the right direction may involve improving staffing levels or technology and operations, but the biggest impacts can come from proactive leadership and better communication.
By Curt Mayse

Future of Radiology: Key Drivers for the Next Five Years
There are three key drivers that will affect radiology for the next five years: physician payment reform, an emphasis on population health management, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the practice of radiology and medicine at large.
By James A. Brink, MD

How to Avoid Patient Friction in the Radiology Revenue Cycle, Despite Rising HDHPs
The consumer-driven healthcare era has transformed the role of the patient. Today, patients are more informed about their treatment options and what they will have to pay out-of-pocket. Driven by a desire to obtain affordable healthcare, patients seek providers that align with their overall needs without compromising care.
By Tom Herald

An Overview of the 2018 CPT Code Changes for Radiology

Radiology administrators, practice managers, and coders must be accustomed to the annual CPT code changes. Cycle year 2018 is no different, with a number of diagnostic and interventional radiology codes around for decades that will be deleted, revised, or replaced with new codes.
By Jeff Maze 

Resolving Workplace Conflict
Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. Left unresolved, conflict can result in a loss of productivity and can prevent cooperation and collaboration among team members.
By Carol Hamilton, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, FACMPE

SEO: Why Be Mobile-Friendly and Google’s Answer Box
You need to make sure your website is mobile friendly. If it’s not, your rankings in Google could drop, resulting in a loss of traffic and business.
By Kim Kelley, FRBMA 

RBMA Membership: Dues Structure Change for 2018
The RBMA Board of Directors has approved a new membership dues structure, effective calendar year 2018.

Mary Beth Resimius
We spoke with Mary Beth Resimius, business lead of Healthcare Experience Solutions at Philips, about why the Philips Ambient Experience approach to clinical environment design is much more than meets the eye.