Press Guidelines

Press registration is available only to the working press who can show evidence that their registration and restricted access results in coverage in the print, broadcast or recognized Internet media.

Business Promotion
Press badges are not issued to individuals serving in business promotions or sales positions. In addition, press credentials are offered to facilitate editorial coverage, not private business promotion. Media representatives may not distribute copies of their publication copies of their publication or any other promotional materials unless previously agreed upon with RBMA.

Audio, Video and Photography Regulations
Coverage of RBMA events should be limited to news articles, Reporters should write about presentations or speeches in summary form. Do not approach presenters for transcripts or verbatim translations. Still photography is permitted before and after presentations or during breaks. Materials provided within the restricted access have been approved by the presenter for abstract with appropriate reference.

Unauthorized Reproduction of RBMA Logo
Approval to use the RBMA logo must be granted by RBMA.

Closed Meetings
Meetings of the RBMA Board of Directors and other meetings is which private business of the RBMA is conducted is not open to members of the press.

Speaker Presentations, Handouts and Visuals
Journalists who want to use slides, graphs, and other visuals to illustrate coverage must have the presenter's permission.