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Any individual actively engaged in the business of radiology that is not faculty, a student, a recent graduate, or a vendor.


Anyone who is considered full-time faculty at an academic institution.  Members must provide proof of full-time faculty status.

Student or
Recent Grad

Student or recent grad membership is for those attending 2- or 4-year institutions, internships, residency or fellowship programs. 


Corporate membership is available to vendors of equipment, services or supplies that improve or support the administration of radiology practices.

Membership Dues

Member Type   Jan to Dec    April to Dec   Jul to Dec   Oct to Dec (of the following year)  
 Active Member  $400   $350  $300  $400
Faculty Member  $160   $160  $160 $160 
 Recent Grad  $100  $100  $100  $100
 Student  $25  $25  $25  $25
(includes 2 individuals)
 $1,300  $1,150  $1000  $1,300
 Additional Corporate   $400  $350  $300  $400

Member Benefits

RBMA is the ultimate resource for radiology business management professionals.  Our extensive benefits keep you at the forefront of the industry. 

"While there are numerous articles, resources and information out there, RBMA has real members and leaders who actually walk the walk. There is no good substitute for having so much expertise available."   - Darlene Molenaar, CMPE, MSOL, CRA, FRBMA, Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Imaging Associates

If you're considering a Corporate Partner membership, learn about the additional benefits available!

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