RBMA Committees and Volunteers

For many, volunteering for RBMA is a way to give back to an organization that was instrumental in building one’s career and achieving personal growth. Make it personal! Give back and be an integral part of a team that depends on member volunteers to guide and propel the organization. Volunteers are the pulse of the association, providing time and talent that is mutually beneficial.  

For committee service, we will issue a Call for Volunteers in early 2020 for the 2020-2021 association year, which begins following our annual meeting PaRADigm.  Other ways to volunteer include authoring articles for the RBMA Bulletin, speaking at an upcoming meeting, or serving as a Conference Concierge .  You can also sign up for a micro-volunteering opportunity! If you'd like to volunteer but you're not sure how, contact us at volunteer@rbma.org

Advanced Education Subcommittee

Focused on identifying advanced learning content and opportunities.
Jennifer Kroken, MBA, Chair
Patricia Hayden, Staff Liaison
Barbara Perez Deppman
Christine Duvendack, Ph.D, FACHE
Dave Gorman, MBA
Chad Hampton
Scott Raberge
Michael Rosenthal
Matt Woods

Bylaws Committee

Keeps the RBMA Bylaws current and consistent with the goals and purposes of the organization on both a national and a state chapter level.
Shannon Wilson, FRBMA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Tim Barrett, CPA
Michael Gonzales, FRBMA
Dawn Johanknecht
Jennifer Kroken, MBA
Debby Mann, CPC, RCC, ROCC
Michael McGovern
Sarah Mountford, CPC, RCC, FRBMA
Melody Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, CPC

Chapter Committee

Composed of RBMA's Chapter President's, this committee serves as a liaison between the Chapters and RBMA National. 
Maegan Moore, Chair
Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Tony Carozza, Arkansas
Delena Supinski, California
Tanya Padilla, Colorado
Kimberly Singletary, Delta States
Barbara Rubel, MBA, FRBMA, Florida
Marc LeBrun, Georgia
Carol Hamilton, MBA, FRBMA, FACMPE, SHR, Heartland
Keith Chew, MHA, CMPE, FRBMA, Illinois
Jennifer Coleman, MHSA, FACHE, CMM, Michigan
Sharon Hayes, RT(R), New England
Matt Ostrum, Northeast
Jason Dodgion, MBA, Ohio
Jo Giancotti, Oklahoma
Mark Kalmar, Oregon
Emily Crane, Rocky Mountain
Brian Barbeito, FRBMA, Tennessee
Stacy Sanso, Texas
Beth Williams, MHA, FACMPE, Washington

Data Committee

Develops an information database about the radiology business management profession, through the use of surveys. The focus of the committee is to provide information for utilization, outcome measurement, productivity and financial management purposes.
Neale Pashley, Co-Chair
Beth Williams, MHA, FACMPE, Co-Chair

Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Kamran Ali
Mark Canada, MHA
Terry Corgan
Josh Lomers 
Jeff Maze
Edwin Swager
Kyle Tucker
Jody Waters
Anthony Werner
Gregory Wertz

Federal Affairs Committee

Monitors and educates members about, identifies issues and prepares positions, and communicates positions to internal and external audiences, pertaining to: (1) regulatory developments and (2) federal legislation affecting Medicare and other appropriate health care matters of interest to RBMA members.
Linda A. Wilgus, CPA, CMPE, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Wendy Block, RCC, CPC, CIRCC
Matthew DesRosiers
Jamie Dyer, MBA
Marcia Flaherty
Joy Haven
Susan Hollabaugh
Mark Isenberg
Mark Kalmar
Eric Linn, MBA
Lauren Sloan
David Smith, FACMPE
Jennifer Studdard, RCC, CPC, CPCO, CCS-P
Suzanne Taylor, FRBMA
Don Rodden, CPA, CHBME, Ex Officio

Fellowship Selection Committee

Reviews and selects recipients of RBMA Fellowship.
Christie James, MS, FRBMA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Remaining committee members selected Fall 2019

Finance Committee

Oversees the financial and operational matters having to do with finances and appropriate expenses of the RBMA in consultation with the Board of Directors.
Carol Hamilton, MBA, FRBMA, FACMPE, SHR, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Genee Askew
Tim Barrett, CPA
Steve Kahn
Parke Keith, MSHA, MBA
Sarah Mountford, CPC, RCC, FRBMA
Brent Sextro
C. Chad Wiggins, MHSA, LNHA
Lisa Woelfel
Kirt Woolsey

Membership Committee

Expands the RBMA member base and facilitates the renewal of current memberships.
Clint McClurg, Chair
Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Kim Aluise
Barbara Perez Deppman
Chris Duvendack, Ph.D, FACHE
John Freeman
Jo Giancotti
Carol Hamilton, MBA, FRBMA, FACMPE, SHR
David Howard
Deidre Jones
Jeff Kolda
Brigette LaBar, FRBMA
Sara Nofziger-Drew, CHBME, CPC, CPB
Kim Ellis Perry

Nominating Committee

Reviews and recommends candidates for RBMA Board of Directors service.
Linda Wilgus, CPA, CMPE, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Remaining committee members selected Fall 2019

Payor Relations Committee

Increases the communication, coordination and cooperation of administrators, managers and radiologists on issues concerning government and private payors.
Kit Crancer, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison 
Larry Buchwalter, MBA, JD, FRBMA
Ryan Burky
Joshua Dorsey
Theresa King
Kevin McDermott, MHSA
Donald Miller
Leslie Olander
Jared Oldham
Rick Padelford, MBA
William Poole
Elizabeth Reger
Jimmy Stuart, MBA
Suzanne Taylor, FRBMA
Anthony Werner

Program Education Subcommittee

Works with RBMA staff to design, coordinate and implement programming content for in-person events including but not limited to PaRADigm, SPARK, Coding Academy, and LEARN.
Debby Mann, CPC, RCC, ROCC, Co-Chair
Cindy Pittmon, RCC, CHBME, FRBMA, Co-Chair

Patricia Hayden, Staff Liaison
Christine Abell, CPA
Genee Askew
Keith Chew, MHA, CMPE
Eric Christensen
Kathy Edwards
Brooke Incontrera
Katia Kaiser
Laura Metsch
Karna Morrow, CPC, RCC, CCS-P
Kristen Sliwinski, CCA, RCC

Strategic Education Advisory Committee

Responsible for the overall strategy and focus of RBMA's educational programming. Oversees the Advanced Education Subcommittee, Program Education Subcommittee and Virtual Education Subcommittee.
Nicole Palmer, CPA, FRBMA, Chair
Bob Still, FRBMA, Staff Liaison
Patricia Hayden, Staff Liaison
Tom Aug
Steve Collins
Janet Hoffman
Julie Lester, MBA, FRBMA
Joseph White, CPA, MBA

Vendor Committee

Nurtures a positive working relationship with vendors.
Matt Ostrum, Chair
Daphne Gawronski, Staff Liaison
Dan Benaquista
Eric Blackman
Jo Giancotti
Bridget Haynes
Brooke Incontrera
Jesse Moniz, CPPM
Bill Wilson

Virtual Education Subcommittee

Designs, coordinates and implements all online programming including webinars, RBMA U, training products and other digital learning projects
Kim Singletary, Chair
Patricia Hayden, Staff Liaison
Kim Aluise
Jennifer Bash, RHIA, RCC, CPC
Behtany Geiger
Brooke Incontrera
Brook McCarthy
Laura Metsch
Karna Morrow, CPC, RCC, CCS-P
Nancy Walker
Lindsey Wynn

Young Professionals Subcommittee

Focused on engaging and recruiting a younger generation of radiology business professionals into the RBMA community.
Kim Kelley, FRBMA, Chair
Jessica Struve, CAE, Staff Liaison
Joei Conwell
Lauren Ellis
Richie Heath
Sarah Herzog
Dallas Howard
Janene Markuske
Raquel Roman
Stacy Sanso
Matt Woods
Lindsey Wynn
Lauren Sloan, Ex-Officio