RBMA Committees and Volunteers

For many, volunteering for RBMA is a way to give back to an organization that was instrumental in building one’s career and achieving personal growth. Make it personal! Give back and be an integral part of a team that depends on member volunteers to guide and propel the organization. Volunteers are the pulse of the association, providing time and talent that is mutually beneficial.  

For committee service, we will issue a Call for Volunteers in late 2017 for the 2018 association year.  Other ways to volunteer include authoring articles for the RBMA Bulletin, speaking at an upcoming meeting, or serving as a Conference Concierge .  If you'd like to volunteer but you're not sure how, contact us at volunteer@rbma.org

Bylaws Committee

Keeps the RBMA Bylaws current and consistent with the goals and purposes of the organization on both a national and a state chapter level.
Sarah Mountford, Chair
Bob Still, Staff Liaison
Larry Buchwalter
Fred Downs
Michael Gonzales
Larry Mickler
Cathy Sells
Lindsey Wynn

Chapter Committee

Composed of RBMA's Chapter President's, this committee serves as a liaison between the Chapters and RBMA National. 
Tim Barrett, Chair
Jessica Struve, Staff Liaison
Tony Carozza, Arkansas
Delena Supinski, California
Chris Heimerl, Colorado
Kimberly Singletary, Delta States
Jeff Younger, Florida
Chris Sluder, Georgia
Chris Duvendack, Illinois
Jennifer Coleman, Michigan
Carol Hamilton, Missouri
Christie James, New England
Mark Newton, Northeast
Jason Dodgion, Ohio
Jo Giancotti, Oklahoma
Mark Kalmar, Oregon
Emily Crane, Rocky Mountain
Brian Barbeito, Tennessee
Maegan Moore, Texas
Beth Williams, Washington

Coding Subcommittee

Serves as a point of contact for coding questions and to monitor coding issues as they relate to managing a radiology practice.
Lori Shore, Chair
Jill Hunt, Staff Liaison
Crsitina Arredonodo
Barbara Deppman
Stephanie Dybul
Debby Mann
Karna Morrow
Suzanne B. Taylor

Communications Committee

Addresses policies related to e-communications, including the Forums, e-flash and RadCast, and products and services for www.rbma.org.
Eric Slimmer, Chair
Daphne Gawronski, Staff Liaison
Linda Brendl 
Mark Canada
Kim Fell
Shannon Wilson

Data Committee

Develops an information database about the radiology business management profession, through the use of surveys. The focus of the committee is to provide information for utilization, outcome measurement, productivity and financial management purposes.
Jason Cavallaro, Co-Chair
Darlene Molenarr, Co-Chair

Cynthia Vervena, Staff Liaison
Mark Canada
Rob Carfagno
Tony Corozza 
Jeff Long
Jeff Maze
Larry Mickler
Marie Murphy
Nicole Palmer
Neale Pashley
Len Shepard
Beth Williams

Educational Materials & Products Committee

Provides self-directed education to RBMA members in the form of print, Web, audio-visual and other appropriate non-programmatic media.
Carol Hamilton, Chair
Daphne Gawronski, Staff Liaison
Cristina Arredondo
Theresa King 
Aasron Maier
Debby Mann
Karna Prince
Dennis Wiseman

Federal Affairs Committee

Monitors and educates members about, identifies issues and prepares positions, and communicates positions to internal and external audiences, pertaining to: (1) regulatory developments and (2) federal legislation affecting Medicare and other appropriate health care matters of interest to RBMA members.
Linda A. Wilgus, Chair
Bob Still, Staff Liaison
Kimberly Asher
Linda Bredl 
Keith Chew
Clark Davis
Matthew DesRosiers
Mark Isenberg
Mark Kalmar
Larry Mickler
Rick Padelford
David Smith
Suzanne Taylor
Liz Quam, Ex Officio

Finance Committee

Oversees the financial and operational matters having to do with finances and appropriate expenses of the RBMA in consultation with the Board of Directors.
Michael Langenberg, Chair
Bob Still, Staff Liaison
Tim Barrett
Thomas Dickerson
Carol Hamilton
James Hamilton
Sarah Mountford
Keith Prince
Linda Wilgus
Dennis Wiseman
Lisa Woelfel

IT Task Force

Assesses the various information technology (IT) issues faced by radiology practices and develops guidance, forums, best practices or other appropriate solutions for such IT issues.
Michael Langenberg, Chair
Jessica Struve, Staff Liaison
John Ryan Bareis
Jennifer Bash
Michael Bohl
Keith Chew
Bruce Gay
William Hauber
R. Kent Jutson
Parke Keith 
Tom Smith
Jennifer Studdard
Beth Williams
Stephen Willis

Marketing Subcommittee

Provides members with information and guidance on how to best brand and market a radiology business; how to get positive press and how to become the foremost practice in the eyes of referring physicians. 
Dianne Keen, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Signet, Co-Chair

Jill Hunt, Staff Liaison
Tara Black
David Howard
Jim Koehler
Clint McClurg
Maegan Moore
Janinne Walker
Shannon Wilson

Membership Committee

Expands the RBMA member base and facilitates the renewal of current memberships.
Clint McClurg, Chair
Jessica Struve, Staff Liaison
Cristina Arredondo
Barbara Deppman
Jo Giancotti
Carol Hamilton
Kim Kelley
Kobee Masiello
Katherine Mohr
Darlene Molenaar
Bradley Myers
Cindy Pittmon
Scott Raberge

Payor Relations Committee

Increases the communication, coordination and cooperation of administrators, managers and radiologists on issues concerning government and private payors.
Kit Crancer, Chair
Bob Still, Staff Liaison 
Tim Barrett
Jennifer Coleman
Theresa King
Wendy Lomers
Kevin McDermott
Paul Pitts
William Poole
Suzanne Taylor

Programs Committee

Determines the content for the two annual conferences and e-Seminars, and oversees the work of the specialty seminar subcommittees - all according to the needs of members.
Nicole Palmer, Co-Chair
Shannon Wilson, Co-Chair

Jill Hunt, Staff Liaison
Larry Buchwalter
Julie Chapman-Greene
Keith Chew
Dave Gorman
Thomas Herald
Dianne Keen
Jennifer Kroken
Debby Mann
Cathy Sells
Kimberly Singletary
Eric Slimmer
Janinne Walker
Dennis Wiseman

Vendor Committee

Strengthens a positive working relationship with vendors.
Matt Ostrum, Chair
Daphne Gawronski, Staff Liaison
Max Carter
Babara Gonzalez-Falla
Jesse Moniz
Keith Prince
Marc Rotherberg
Len Shepard

Young Professionals Task Force

Focused on engaging and recruiting a younger generation of radiology business professionals into the RBMA community.
Kim Kelley, Chair
 Jessica Struve, Staff Liaison
Joei Conwell
Chris Heimerl
Dallas Howard
Heather Kesner
Stacy Sanso
Hina Shiani
Lindsey Wynn