Exhibiting Tips

You’ve made the decision to participate in an RBMA conference. So how do you make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to get the most out of your investment? The first step is to reserve a booth space. Once you have made the decision to exhibit and receive a booth confirmation you can begin planning your strategy.

We would like to support you in your preparation for the show. We have put together a few tips to help you accomplish your goals and make the best of your time exhibiting. We would like to make sure you are well equipped to stand out in the crowd, drive traffic to YOUR booth and attract attention to YOUR brand!

How to Get the Most Out of Exhibiting at PaRADigm



Publicize your presence in advance.

Complete Your Exhibitor Profile

Every exhibitor will be listed on our website with their contact information and company description. Attendees will also prepare in advance, researching the organizations they can meet during the three days of exhibition. Submitting your company profile as early as possible will increase your chances of getting on their agenda. Choosing up-to-date verbiage that captures the attention of your target audience will guide the right visitors to your booth.

Exhibitor listings are due March 1, 2019.

Spread the Word

Make sure they know you are exhibiting at PaRADigm this year. Advertise your participation on your website and in your newsletters. Do not forget to include PaRADigm in your event listings. Send out invitations, media alerts and include PaRADigm dates and your booth number in your email signature. Spread the word at other industry events about your participation in PaRADigm and what you plan to present there.

In February, RBMA will invite you to be a conference influencer and provide you with email marketing to promote your presence, invite your clients, set appointments beforehand. Watch for details!

Use Social Media

Create online buzz. Use your social media accounts to spread the word to your followers by utilizing our photo banners and the hashtag #paradigm19. RBMA Connect followers will be monitoring our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn channels to learn about show updates and news before the event, and to look for pictures, videos and other information they might have missed after the event. Share your success with the online RBMA community.

Market directly to RBMA Members and Attendees

  • NEW! Use the PaRADigm eNewsletter: Purchase ad space in the bimonthly PaRADigm eNewsletter we will be sending to attendees. You can also learn about what else will be going on during the event (conference program, networking events, interviews, travel tips and other information).
  • Reserve an eFlash: Let them know you’re coming. eFlashes are a popular and effective way to reach RBMA members. Reservations are required – spots are limited to two distributions a day. Reserve your spot here.
  • Buy the Attendee Pre-Registration List: It’s a fantastic resource for outreach and planning strategy before the show begins.

Sponsor Something

Consistently. It’s a great branding opportunity. A list of opportunities is posted here.

Understand Your Audience

Why do customers come to the RBMA show? Networking, educational sessions, exhibitor products.

Prepare and Plan Your Presence

Refer to Exhibitor Resources on our webpage often and stick to deadlines. This webpage is full of valuable information to ensure a stress-free show. We have created a deadline checklist with the most important deadlines.

Order Services Ahead of Time

Meeting deadlines = savings. We strive to be flexible and to be able to offer solutions to any last-minute issues or ideas. However, some late orders may result in additional charges or we might simply be unable to provide you with a service or to deliver on one of the items included after a deadline (e.g., we cannot include your advertisement or your profile in the Exhibitor Guide after it has been printed).

Plan and Register Your Staff

Send enough people to ensure adequate booth coverage throughout the event. You don’t want interested visitors to find your booth empty and with no one to talk to. Register your staff by the deadline to avoid late fees.

Plan to Generate Leads

If you don’t want to deal with hundreds of business cards you’ll collect at your booth, order our lead retrieval services. This allows you to simply scan your visitors’ badges and follow up on leads efficiently. Click here for more information.

Make Your Booth a Place People Want to Hang Out

Décor matters! Design your booth so it is inviting. For example, large video monitors or flashy images help attract attention. Participate in the Carabiner Cache Exhibit Hall game and attract more people to your booth.

Plan Your Time

Check the Exhibit Hall schedule in advance to plan your time on-site, as well as your booth build and dismantle time. Make sure your travel schedule has you arriving in plenty of time to set up and keeps you long enough to tear down per the RBMA schedule. Check the RBMA website or meeting app to see if you want to attend any sessions and events.

Once you arrive at the conference, it is showtime. Get your head in the game, your best foot forward and by following a few tips you will be on your way to a successful experience.

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