Sunday, April 14, 2019

1:30-3:30 p.m.

  • Beyond RCM: Using Excel Pivot Tables to Drive Data in Decision Making
    Tim Barrett, CPA

  • It seems daily radiology practice administrators are faced with increasing demands on how to better manage our practices. Even though some may have access to revenue cycle management (RCM) focused business intelligence tools, there is still an ever-evolving need to efficiently and effectively examine every facet of our organization—including RCM and beyond. The use of Excel tables and pivot tables are a means of helping you meet those daily demands with informed, data-driven decisions. In this session, you will learn how to use two of Excel’s most powerful features: Excel tables and pivot tables. During the session, attendees will work with several case studies designed to develop and improve your skills with these two Excel features. This is a hands-on session, so each participant must bring a laptop with Excel 2010 or later to the session. 
    At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:
    • Recognize the difference between excel tables and pivot table.
    • Create and manipulate data using excel tables and pivot tables.
    • Apply your knowledge by using these two features for your day-to-day processes.

  • Interventional Radiology — Marketing and Practice Development
    Dianne Keen, BS

  • Interventional radiology practices in a private clinic setting rely on outreach to the consumer and physician audience. Marketing and business development strategies must be targeted, specific, and reach an ever-growing number of sub-specialists. Successful interventional radiology practices must educate and market to referring physicians, but also educate and market directly to consumers, and each group has very different and specific needs. Attendees will learn the importance of targeting marketing to ensure volume growth, enlisting radiologists as both internal and external marketing champions, and creating both referring physician and direct-to-consumer marketing.
    At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:
    • Create a physician and consumer education/marketing campaign for interventional radiology.
    • Identify and resolve challenges faced when deploying a physician or consumer education campaign.
    • Determine which interventional procedures are well suited for promotional campaigns.

  • Hospital Data Mining – An IT Vendor Challenge
    R. Kent Hutson, MD, CPE

  • You be the judge! Would you like to hear a variety of vendors share their solutions to a particular problem? Well, join your peers and listen to several vendors present their solutions on “How do I get data from the hospital, clean it up, and use it for data-driven decision-making?" Each vendor will be allowed to give a short presentation and take questions. After the presentations, you will discuss the pros and cons of each and crown the winner of our first RBMA IT Challenge. Your takeaway from this is the tools that you can apply at your practice when faced with making these decisions. 
    At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:
    • Define what is needed to gather data from a hospital for data mining.
    • Review vendor solutions to perform hospital data mining.
    • Select the right tool or solution to fit your need.

  • Executive Idea Swap
    Mark J. Kleinschmidt and Bill Ziemke, JD, LLM, MBA, CPA

  • Are there problems or issues that keep you up at night? If you answered yes, then plan to attend this deep dive session where other executives will share, discuss, offer insights and possible solutions on a variety of topic that radiology group executives are grappling with. During the session, a prepared list of topics will be distributed and shared. Attendees will get data-driven examples from speakers and peers that could be applied to your situation. Come, connect, and learn what other executives are doing to meet the challenges faced at their practices. Plan to walk away with at least one example that you can use for your situation.
    At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:
    • List what challenges are most troubling for your practice.
    • Identify practical solutions using examples shared from the session.
    • Develop a plan of action using real-data to share with key staff

  • Administrative Case Study: Facilitating Challenging Discussions
    Nancy Holland, MHA, FACHE, FRBMA, and Worth Saunders, MBA, MHA

Did you recently step into the role of managing your practice? If you answered yes, this session is for you! In this session, these seasoned practitioners will share several scenarios to gain confidence in managing a group of radiologists. Scenarios will be set to openly discuss how to facilitate difficult or challenging conversations or situations with their physician leadership. During the session, participants will be given a scenario and they will discuss how they would handle that situation. Throughout the session, attendees will discuss results in groups and hear what others are already doing. When you leave the session, return to their administrative roles with tools for facilitating difficult conversations and managing challenging situations in their own practice. 
At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to:

  • State the challenges and/or situation that need your immediate attention.
  • Identify the steps that should be taken to bring these situations to the forefront.
  • Construct a plan of action to resolve the situation or facilitate the conversation using real-data or examples gained from the session.

4-5 p.m.
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