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Welcome, Leaders!

As a practice leader, you have come to the right place for radiology business professionals who are dedicated to supporting and enhancing their vocation, investing in their career and pursuing higher goals. You have the respect of your physicians to help guide, develop and maintain a practice/department and you strive to advance the profession and improve the business of healthcare.

RBMA is the place to turn for inspiration, resources and practical tools you can’t find anywhere else.

“The RBMA provides critical information through expertise and dedication to the field of radiology business. Being a member of RBMA as an administrator has provided me with the most up to date information and networking opportunities to assist me in performing at the highest level.”

More Resources For Practice Leaders:

Resources For Leaders

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Welcome, Radiology Business Managers!

As a manager you have come to the right place for information and resources that will assist you in coding properly and obtaining the best possible reimbursement for your practice.

RBMA connects radiology business managers with resources and practical tools to help you succeed.

“I have been in the radiology business for 34 years and have seen many changes. One of the best changes is how the RBMA has grown and provides us with the necessary tools that we need in order to help us continue on this rocky road.”

More Resources For Managers:

Conference Audio Recording


Resources For Managers



Enroll in RBMA U’s Radiology Business 101 – an overview program covering the basics of radiology business as defined under the RBMA Common Body of Knowledge.



RBMA’s innovative new practice analytic solution that takes benchmarking to new levels through the combination of your practice’s information and state-of-the art technology and data query protocols.



Welcome, Coders!

As a coder, you have come to the right place for for information and resources that will assist you in coding properly and obtaining the best possible reimbursement for your practice.

RBMA connects coders with resources and practical tools to help you succeed.

“RBMA membership offerings, either the list serve or conference attendance, has provided up to date trends in coding, payor policy and practice management issues. The topics discussed through the list serve either coding or practice management has helped my practice be proactive.”

More Resources For Practice Coders:

Resources For Coders


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The IDC-10-CM Toolkit designed by Coding Strategies (CSI) and Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) gives the busy radiology administrator all of the tools needed to prepare the practice for the implementation of ICD-10.

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Welcome, Marketers!

As a marketer, you have come to the right place for information on the state of imaging today and how to effectively market your radiology practice by incorporating tools and strategies including social media and today’s technological innovations.

RBMA is the place to turn for inspiration, resources and practical tools you can’t find anywhere else.

“The RBMA Marketing Conference is a great way to network with colleagues from around the country to gain different ideas and perspectives without the threat of direct competition.”

More Resources For Practice Marketers:

Order your Marketing Toolkit today.

A toolkit designed specifically for radiology marketing, includes samples forms and ideas.

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Resources For Marketers

5 Steps to Effective Social Media Measurement
If you’re going to invest time in social media, you need to measure performance, but it can be difficult to identify relevant metrics.

How to Generate Compelling Content Ideas for Your Online Customer or Member Community [Infographic]
Are you looking for content to fulfill your new content marketing strategy, but don’t know where to start? Try these 10 great content ideas – plus a bonus idea – to jump start or breathe new life into your efforts.


Welcome, Vendors!

As a vendor offering radiology products and services you have come to the right place to find your target audience. RBMA attracts decision-makers with buying power.

RBMA members rely on vendors to keep them informed of new technologies, developments, and products for their practices.

“RBMA provides the foundation for connecting with the right people. We appreciate the opportunity to visit with our existing clients as well as meet new prospective clients.”

More Resources For Practice Vendors:

Resources For Vendors

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  • Bob Luther Scholarship

  • Bob Luther

    "I want to be more involved in leadership development. I'd like to identify, guide and support those individuals who can contribute to the board of directors, and ultimately the future of the RBMA and the profession itself."
    –Bob Luther, 2001 

    Bob LutherBob LutherBob Luther was a long-time member of RBMA for 24 years and President from 1998 to 1999. He had an extensive record of volunteerism with RBMA - serving on several committees and liaison positions. His commitment to the organization led to his election to the RBMA Board of Directors which culminated ultimately in him becoming President. During his time in leadership, he provided a steady hand during times of organizational change and helped implement a multi-year plan of initiatives for the association. For many years, Bob served as RBMA’s liaison to the American College of Radiology where he promoted better relations between the organizations that still pay dividends to the radiology profession to this day. He is remembered as a man of honor and quiet humor. Bob passed away in December, 2006. 

  • The Bob Luther Emerging Leader Travel Scholarship was created to give RBMA members who are first time practice managers or those interested in becoming a practice manager a chance to experience the value of RBMA. The scholarship recipient will be awarded the opportunity to attend the RBMA PaRADigm meeting.

    Scholarship Requirements
    Eligibility: RBMA Active and additional members who are first-time practice managers or interested in becoming practice managers.

    Process: Completed applications must include:
    1. Online Application - click here to complete
    2. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    3. One Letter of Reference

    The RBMA Membership Committee reserves the right to request additional letters of reference or conduct interviews in the event more information is required to select a candidate. 

    Please use our application checklist for additional information and instructions.

    Award: Complimentary registration to PaRADigm and up to $1,000 for reasonable travel expenses.

    Return: The recipient will provide an article or interview in the RBMA Bulletin on leadership and lessons learned after attending the conference.

    Timeline: RBMA will begin accepting applications for the 2018 scholarships on November 1, 2017.

    Through a gracious donation from the RBMA Aloha Chapter, RBMA is awarding two scholarships in 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

    Past Recipients 

    2017 - Allison Dano - Sheridan Health, St. Petersburg, Fla.
             - William Hauber - Radiology Group, PC, SC, Davenport, Iowa

    2016 - Kyle Young - Big Sky Diagnostic Imaging of Billings, Billings, Mont.
             - Kerri Spadaccia - Progressive Physician Associates, Bethlehem, Pa.

    2015 - Jammia Shea - Medical Center Radiologists, Inc.,Virginia Beach

    2014 - Sarah Chester - East Georgia Radiology

    2013 - Terri Bice - Radiology & Interventional Associates of Metairie

    2012 - Layne Mitchell - Georgia Health Sciences University

    2011 - Connie Brown - Banner Health, North Colorado Medical Center
               Kassie Hoglund - Radiological Associates of Sacramento

    2010 - Heather Flannigan - Arcadia Radiology Medical Group
                Brandi Osborne - Valley Regional Imaging

    2009 - Linda Masin - Eastern Radiological Associates

    2008 - Jennifer Wenning - Medical Imaging Physicians, Inc.

    2007 - Barbara Cooley - Early Detection Imaging

    Through a gracious donation from the Bob Luther Family, RBMA was able to award two scholarships in 2010 and 2011. 

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