Participate in RBMA's Exhibit Hall Game: Carabiner Cache and drive traffic to your booth!

Carabiners are essential gear for mountain climbing. As a vendor, you have the products and resources to assist radiology business managers in reaching their goals. Drive traffic to your booth, collect qualified leads, and help attendees climb PaRADigm’s Knowledge Peak by participating in the Carabiner Cache Exhibit Hall game.

Participating vendors will receive a stash of carabiners to distribute to visiting attendees. Determine the engagement level of your visitor and then reward them with an appropriate color of carabiners. Each color will be assigned a point value. Attendees will then have the opportunity to exchange their collected carabiners for cool prizes at the Party at the Peak wrap-up event on Tuesday evening. The larger the attendees’ carabiner cache, the better the prizes they can collect!

A carabiner color key and points value will be provided to exhibitors on-site.

Take it up a notch and further increase traffic to your booth... Donate a prize for the wrap-up event and promote it in your booth. The cooler the prize the more visitors you will attract!

Exhibitors participating in the Exhibit Hall game as well as any donated prizes will be posted on the website, event app and the Exhibitor Guide distributed to attendees on-site!